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Hi all,

Nine months after starting MTX, rheumy decided to add Sulphasalazine and Hydroxychloroquine into the mix. So, I began on these beginning of January.

Started getting some unpleasant side-effects (did a post about Ringing Ears). Well, as Sulpha was increased the side-effects increased too, and became quite unbearable.

Last Saturday I decided to stop the Sulpha. As I don't see Rheumy 'til May have sent him a letter explaining what I have done and why, and that I am concerned about the implications of stopping it as well!

My question to you good peeps is:- I still suffer with swelling in various joints every morning, usually if the elbows/wrists are bad then knees/ankles are good and vice-versa. However, today I felt swollen and tender in more places than usual - do you think its just coincidence that I've been off the Sulpha for a week?
I mean, I'd only been on it for a few weeks, and hadn't noticed any particular improvements yet!

Jackie x

p.s. Had a chat with my excellent pharmacist today, and told him about my problems with Sulpha - he completely agreed 100% that I'd done the right thing in stopping them, so I feel 'vindicated' :wink:


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    Hi Jackie,

    Sorry your not so good at the mo. I been on sulfa since June (I think) it didn't work so when I saw the Rumo in October he doubled the dose......I haven't got the ear ringing but its doesn't make me feel too good........ For what its worth it isn't working either so this time I am heading for an add in or better still something else so I can bin the sulfa :wink:

    I think you were right to stop but can you get an earlier appointment with your Rumo do you think? Its quite a long time to wait there. Luv and a ((( ))) Cris x
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    Hi Jackie,

    hard to tell if it's stopping the sulpha that has caused your flare.....

    perhaps as Chris says you should try for earlier rheumy appointment or why not just phone them for advice? that would be quicker.

    anyway I'm sorry you're having increased pain....hope it eases soon. does heat help? Iris x
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    Thanks for replies.... and ((())) :D

    I had thought of phoning the Rheumys secretary may be middle of next week, if I havent heard anything.

    But anyway, I go for blood tests at the Monitoring Clinic next Friday, so I can always ask the nurse there if she knows or can find out anything!

    Jackie x
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    Hi Jackie

    I was put on Sulfa, but had to come off it as I started getting such bad headachs.

    I hope they can sort you out asap.

    Trish xx

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