steroid injection in wrist

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Hi my 7 yr old daughter had her first steroid injection in wrist for JIA last Fri, we were told within 48 hrs we should see a difference- well I think the pain has gone slightly but she is very very stiff (she had previously been wearing splint in day) and finds any suggestion to her using right hand a big NO.Feeling very dispondant as thought she would be so much better and isnt yet- when will we see a change?Also my consulatnt said that under GA she had good range of movements so he wasnt so sure we needed urgent physio so we have to just wait for appt in post.I dont know what I should be doing with her wrist- everything I suggest she hates!


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    This sounds so hard for you but its still early days, don't be too disappointed.
    Your little girl is going to be reluctant to do anything which might cause her pain in her wrist - adults are bad enough at this and she is only 7! Does she have any favourite toys or games which need 2 hands? Dressing a favourite doll for instance. Moving painful joints can be easier in warm water so maybe make bathtime a really fun time with lots of bubbles & toys she can play with.
    Keep pushing for physio, tell them she needs help to move her wrist now not later.
    I do hope she feels better soon.

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    Hi and nice to meet you :D though I do wish the circumstances were different!

    I agree with whale watcher and would add that it's probable your little girl is feeling scared to try to use the wrist especially as she was in a lot of pain and in a wrist splint before the injection.
    she's also had a GA and maybe needs more time to recover.

    I would suggest that you don't draw attention to her wrist and let day to day activities like 'helping' with the washing up or watering house plants lead naturally to her beginning to use it without realising.
    the 'promised' absence of pain takes time and varies with steroid joint injections so don't lose heart!

    keep posting if we can help in any way ...

    please let us know how she is. Irisxx
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    Hi, I'd suggest the same as Whalecatcher and Iris, fun activities that she will be engrossed in and maybe forget and use her hand - batting a balloon, cooking, craft, washing up and other warm water activities, take her swimming, kneading dough, papier mache with warm wall paper paste etc

    I have had OA since mid twenties. It affects my hips and knees. I had a THR on the left aged 30 and now have a resurface-replacement on the right - done May 2010.
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    Thanks for all your ideas ,last night I tried play in water but her pain was so bad she couldnt tolerate feeling of water trickling gentle on skin.I have left message with consultant secreatry as I am not sure injection has worked.I rang CCAA today who were great and apparently sometimes it doesnt work.I will try and do some more fun things through play but I feel like screaming,why is this happening?-school saw me today with a SENCO and I was told they cant help until they have a letter from physio or Occ health,so I will push for physio appt asap.I feel like Im going around in circles.
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    I am so sorry that your little girl's jab didnt work :(

    They dont work for everyone - me included, but I am not 7 and i understand.

    The poor wee thing :(

    I hope you get your physio very very soon.


    Toni xx
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    I am so sorry your little one has this horrible thing. I can't add to what the others have said and so wish I knew an answer that would help you. I agree push all you can for the physio help and well its so wrong, first that she has this and secondly that they are so slow in helping you.

    I hope you are also getting some good support and though nice to meet you I do so wish it hadn't been necessary for you to find us. A ((( ))) and so many hopes. Cris x
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    Thanks-I have rang consultant who will ring me later today for advice and we have physio booked for next week- so at least thats fairly quick.I am going to ask if it may be poss to have shared care with Bristol as they have specialist clinic there- anyone heard of it?
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    Hi I had a nice long chat with my physio about this very thing, and she told me to call her up as soon as I know the date for the injections then she will book us in to see her a week after the procedure to get her moving/playing and to see how well it's worked and overcome her fear of using it due to pain.

    I would def push for physio, do you have a number you can call them on and explain your concerns mention what the dr said about range of movements while under ga as well. Even if they can't see you they should be able to give tips over the phone, or perhaps call your rhuemy nurse they might be able to get you seen more quickly.

    Michelle xxx