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hi everyone,well end of another week,but a lovely end of the week fo r me coz I feel I have met lots of new people.Would like to take the oppotunity to thank you all for your kind and encouraging messages.Guess you'll all be out tonight in your gladrags,down the local,good restuarant,theatre,cinema,whatever!! I myself,will be having fish and chips on my lap in front of a real fire,laptop on one side 2 dogs on my other side,tv about 6' in front,how lazy is that? but guess what,I really don't mind at all.Hope you all have a very good evening too.


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    a big high and welcome from me, you will soon find your way around and feel at home. it looks like me and you have similar plans for this evening, curled up on sofa with the dog and a blanket watching telly. :D

    i hope you like it here, any questions just fire away, there is usually some one hanging around in the cafe, its a portacabin at the moment whilst they sort out the new one but everyone is friendly so pop on in.

    coco xx
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    You are doing it right. The cafe is just below this that is where you said you want to go.

    Go on the box that says Reply to Topic click on that.

    Write your message and on the left it will say Submit.

    Try this and see how you get on.

    Your screen will say To see your message click on that and you will see what you have written.

    This is how you can talk to people. Pm me again if you are stuck

    Trish xxx
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    mirabella, your evening sounds ideal to me. I am currently trying hard to avoid the crime of matricide. If I am not about next week you will know that I am banged up. At least I will get free prescriptions and food dumped in front of me. I knew there was an upside to prison life. DD
    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
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    Hi Mirabella ( what a nice name! ) and welcome to the forum.

    When I saw the title of your thread I thought Friday again :!: The weeks seem to go by so quickly, and it doesn't seem like a whole week since last Friday.
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    Evening, good to see you are settling in, I've not been here too long myself but I feel like I've known some folk on here a while.. They're a friendly bunch.. :mrgreen:

    Tonight we went over to our neighbours house as one of them has a birthday today.. We all ordered a chinese, sat and had a good old natter, looked at some old photos and generally took the p1ss out of one and other in a way only good friend can :lol:

    Bugger of a thing is I am still unable to eat very much, had my favourite chicken chop-suey in front of me and had about half a plate full... Oh well, some people would pay good money for this diet, haha.. Lost about 8lb in as many weeks..

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    Now to talk to you we are putting the little arrow that you can see when you move it about.

    We are putting that onto Reply To Topic box at the bottom on the left. Then you click onto the left hand side.

    The screen will be blank as it was when you did this then you type what you want to say.

    Look down until you see Submit, put the arrow onto it then click or press it.

    That is all you do.. Don't worry about not being able to use the computer you will learn it as you go along.

    We are here at the weekends too so if you are on your own you can still come on here.

    I hope you enjoy you fish and chips also your fire.

    As I told you you can come on here whenever you like there is no opening or closing time.

    Love Trish xxx
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    Hi Mirabella,

    Good you have had a good week and you know what its not lazy at all.... I hope you and the dogs have a good night and you got any spare chips there? :wink: My dogs are sprawled around the place, got too many cats on my lap and life's not so bad eh? You have a good night and one day i shall be earlier and catch up with you. Cris x
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    Temptation resisted. I am still a free woman. DD
    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
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    TV, fish & chips AND 2 dogs ..... that sounds like heaven to me!

    Welcome to the forum and look forward to reading your posts.

    Have a good weekend.

    Keep smiling :lol:
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    Hi Mirabella.
    i bet the fish and chips were lovely and the fire did the dogs get a chip as well our dogs would want one.
    you come on here and write any time you want to everyone on here is kind and helpfull.
    joan xx
    take care
    joan xx
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    Hi, Lucky you if you can eat fish and chips after 8pm. Had a lot of indigestion this week. Would like to blame the tablets but I'm afraid its more likely to be too much chocolate eaten on and after my birthday. I know I shouldn't but its hard to stop. Friday is our day off from child minding but this Friday we had two as the alternative was for them to spend a day of half term in creche. Sat evening is ours for the chips or a pizza if I'm too lazy to go out to the chippy. Pull the curtains and shut the world out --Bliss. Pity there is nothing worth watching on the tele. Still got some CDs to listen to.
    Best wishes,
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    was in the middle of typing message when computer decided to update!!!!! thought I'd spend penny,only to fnd loo brush sticking out of toilet,my frame halfway across the other side of bathroom,I have already had one screaming fit today,as it such a beautifull day here,I wanted to move garden pots about,however legs had other ideas and would not comply,my so called partner decided football was far more important,so another screaming fit and a big strop,decided to see if anyone on line.God I need a man who can and will do what I ask,just now and again!!!