Time for a rest

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maybe you should take a week or so just for you now and put your feet up really not metaphorically.

You're not as fit as you used to be - none of us are.


Toni xx


  • dreamdaisy
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    Well done to you for doing it in the first place. You have to try, only then can you assess how much you can do. As frogmorton says, it's time for a rest! DD
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    Well you've done your bit, Del, so you deserve a rest now. Time for some relaxation and pampering I think :D We used to have a chill-out room in Arthur's Club, didn't we :?: Whatever happened to that :?: Bring it back, I say :!: :!: ( are you listening, Alan D. Lord :?: )
  • barbara12
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    Well done Del for doing it, now you have a rest before you start on your next task.
    Barbara x
  • grampyal
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    Hi Delboy,
    You are obviously not supervising them properly if your hands and knees hurt. Can't you disipline them with a walking stick or even stout walking boots. Don't know how old you are but when I started work training was much along the lines of at best a verbal lashing or even a clip across the head. I remember one plasterer I worked with, if I mixed skimming(pink plaster) with any lumps I got the lot over me. I do a bit of voluntary work at local dog centre and some of the people they get there would make you hair stand on end. Some work harder doing nothing than if they did some work. To be fair though most are very dedicated to the animals and work for minimum wage.
    Best wishes, AL
  • mirabella
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    hey dellboy,try telling that to mr david cameron and his band of merry working abled men! I so much miss my job and would love to work again,I miss my own money too.No benefits for me,not eligible apparantly!!!!!

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