Have we all remembered to put them clocks back

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I hope youve all remembered to put them back & get that extra hour in bed.

Sleep well


  • trisher
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    This year yes but not had a lie in yet cos I not gone to sleep yet these steroids make me bounce until I just drop
  • bertyboy
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    i wish :roll:
  • julie47
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    delboy wrote:
    Turn the clocks forward. Turn the clocks back?
    Get your news from the TV, your drugs from the quack.
    Stop drinking, stop smoking. Now stand on your head.
    Go to work, pay taxes, roll over, play dead!
    ...Why do we do it? They’re taking the pi$$!
    I think I’ll bend over, my a**e they can kiss!

    Copyright of a friend

    Thanks that made me laugh

    hav a good day.

    don't forget to buy trick or treats.

    JuliePF x
  • frogmorton
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    I DUN it DEbs :D

    I love this extra hour - not for me but while the rest of them sleep I am alone for a bit :wink:

    and DEL!

    brilliant poem :lol:

    your friend is clever


    Toni xx
  • kimjessnella
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    i would have forgotten so it is a good job the alarm clock and computer do it automatically or we would have been at the shops waiting for them to open by now lol
  • coco67
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    i remembered to chance them at 2am so i had to sit and watch the clock go from 1am to 2am twice :? , if id have known some of you were up id have come in and joined you for a cuppa.

    del, you made me laff this morning thankyou :lol:

    coco xx
  • jaspercat
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    Hi, well I must be honest about this, I cheat and do mine on saturday night before I go to bed love Jaspercatxx
  • lupin15
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    yes i remembered but couldn't get to sleep so missed out on the extra hour...b....r :x :x :x :x :x :x Now tired but have loads to do to get ready for work tomorrow. No rest for the wicked :):):):) I need a holiday to get over my break... :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:
  • ninakang
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    I remembered as I woke up this morning or I would have taken my girls swimming an hour before the pool opened this morning :D My friend wasn't so lucky - she turned her clocks FORWARD instead of back and sent her husband to work 2 hours early this morning!!! I've been laughing about that on and off all day.

  • barbara12
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    I am another that remembered this morning :roll: must be my age :) mind you in the past I have changed them before bed, and along comes my OH and changed then again :roll: :)

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