4 yr olds say the funniest thing...

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I thought I would share the most recent funny things that my 4 yr old has said.

We have come back from trick or treating when my neighbour asked my 4yr old if she had been trick or treating to which Madame replied "no i have been collecting sweets!"

While trick or treating tonight a lady who had a rather prominent nose opened the door, Madame asked her if she was a witch.

On Friday night I had a friend stay over and madam explained (in a very loud voice and in the restaurant we were eating in) that my friend could sleep in bed with myself and my OH if she wanted to.


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    LOL I love the witch comment :lol:
    the same can be said of 2yr olds....
    I was woken up recently by a loud shout of "mummy, I'm naked!" and sure enough there was a completely naked child :shock:
    Hes also a bit obsessed with shouting 'silly daddy' and 'silly Ben' when he does something daft....which is usually several times an hour
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    Hello there,

    Little un’s just tell it as it is. That is what makes them so lovely. One neighbour’s daughter was told off by her mum for asking for things. So next time she came round she said “I can’t have that apple can I”? Well when you think about it she did not actually ask for the apple. :D:D Not so daft are they?

    Lv, Ix
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    My nephew is 5 and he made me laugh so much last week.

    Nephew: Why haven't you got a husband aunty?
    Me: Because I have not found one yet?
    Nephew: Oh, you have not found someone you like yet?
    Me: No, not yet.
    Nephew: Well, I really love you Aunty, actually I love you!!!

    Bless him. Although last week was a really tough week for me, he did make me laugh and children just say it as it is don't they.

    Fayann xxx
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    Jassie, my nearly 7 year old, announced to me (and the whole plane) when we landed at Brum airport on Friday lunchtime "Mama, I need a really big poo quickly!"

    Simie, who is 8 (most of you will remember the pearls she has dispensed in her short life), asked me in India if some people were enjoying their camping holiday because they didn't look very happy (we had just passed a shanty town). She also was prone to asking people over there why they were so dark skin coloured :shock:

    Could Simie be the first child to be moderated on this forum :D