Blue Badge - GP refusal to support an appeal

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Hi - I'm new to this forum and would appreciate any advice/support.

My council has a new way of issuing Blue Badges. I had one for the past 6 years. Originally my GP refused to support my first application and I had at the time being treated by the local NHS Hospital for my arthritis so I sent another application to them. The Hospital consultant support my application. However, the system has changed locally and you now just complete the form describing your pain, ability to walk etc, and I was turned down. The form says that i can appeal and to do so I should submit a letter from a medical practitioner. I left my GP today distraught and in tears, not only at the lack of support but the unprofessional response. I receive support from the local NHS mental health team and I am also incontinent.
PS. I had a breakdown in the GPs surgery and left the GP on the phone seeking support for my mental health problem.... The problem was the GP and their inability to listen and comprehend the complexities of the conditions which I am trying to manage and hold down a job.

Please - I would welcom any advice, information and help. Thank you. :?


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    I am so sorry you have been treated this way, did your GP say why he wouldn't support your application,I had such bad treatment off my last GP that I ended up changing to a new one, I know this is not always possible, but it really worked for me.
    I would go back and tell him or her that you want to know the reason they wont support you,
    Good luck with it all please let us know how you get on.
    It is quiet in here tonight hopefully there will be more in tomorrow.
    Barbara x
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    Hi Green

    If you can is there anyone else who can support your application? Such as someone off the nusring team or another consultant?

    Your situation seems rather unique - I knwo it's supposed to be about walking certain distance, but there are other situations which are specail and should still qualify.

    If not you may well have to do as Barbara suggests.


    toni xx

    PS have you tried CAB for advice??
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    frog got in first, I was going to post along similar lines. Find another supporter or another GP. If you have had a BB for some time then there is every justification for it to continue, surely. I wish you well. DD
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    Sorry to hear that you are not getting the support that yo need, it's really not fair that it should depend on one person that may not be supportive..
    Not got any advice I'm afraid but best of luck..
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    Thanks for your responses. I'll change GP's after the holidays. My GP said that I went to see him with 'an agenda', and his refusal was based on the fact that I walked into the surgery without using a walking aid. I'd being refused by my GP before so I used the consultant at the local hospital who supported my application (don't forget that my GP has all this information from the hospital). After his refusal at this latest visit I said that it was a due to a number of medical conditions and that the hospital consultant supported my application in line with the hospital physiotherapist who said that I should balance my conditions in order to keep going and in order to do this, not to over do things as so many of us do and end up in bed or housebound due to pain because of overdoing things. My GP at this last visit took it upon himself to mention the fact that i'd used numerous 'prescribed anti-phsycotics' and that I should consider changing this around to accommodate my pain relief, which makes me drowsy and unable to drive for work purposes. The mental health issues are being dealt with by a psychiatrist, who has told me on a number of occasions, that this treatments is paramount and comes first, which I totally agree with, and that it should be taken at specific times. It was at this point that I got frustrated and upset and broke down and left. :?
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    It's terrible... Thought they were there to help.. I really hope you do see a different doctor this year... I think a few of us have had at least one experience with a doctor like that, it's such a shame.. I had a great doctor, very understanding, but we moved seven miles away and I had to change.. It took a long time for the doctors here to be understanding,i was on a lot of dihydrocodiene at that point, more than the daily recommended dose, my old doc said I'd probably have problems and told me to get the new doc to ring him if they wanted more info... They refused to do it point blank...

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    Hello Green,

    Just wanted to say I was upset reading your post and how uncaring your GP had been towards you. I do hope you can find a more understanding GP soon although nothing is guaranteed.Keep posting and we will continue to give what advice we can. I am not surprised you broke down in tears of frustration in the surgery when they make life so complicated for you. It is bad enough suffering so much pain without the medical profession making you feel a nuisance and a fraud.
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    Hi Green and welcome,

    you have been given some good advice here already. Hope you find a professional who is willing to support you ... ridiculous isn't it.

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    that is awlful treatment your GPs been giving you, I cannot believe he did not help you more , our GP is so far very good I am hoping he stays like it as I get more and more arthritis problems, good luck with your blue badge application
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    Hi there, sorry to hear how you have been treated by your gp. A medical practioner can be a physio therapist, occupational therapist, nurse, consultant, etc. I was refused initially and the specialist nurse and my Ot supported my application and it came through. GP's are only part of the medical fraternity. Can some one from the mental health team support it?
    Good luck.
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    Oh my goodness, I have read this fighting tears myself as I thourght I was the only one in this situation.
    Even my local council said they have never heard of a GP refusal before and the reason they have to complete them is because they enter a practice cost code and then get paid by the Welsh Assembly. Apparently other healthcare practitioners do not have a way of being paid. However I asked if I can have a consultant instead and they agreed but told me it would be unlikely a consultant would do this. Good news is I have a brilliant surgeon who first started diagnoising me in 2005 and after speaking to his secretary in person today said he would most definately do this for me, it also helps I only saw him 4 weeks ago and he was visably shocked at me deteriation as I hobbled in with a stick.
    Sadly each hospital visit seems to add a new area affected. I am currently under three ortheopedic surgeons (one wants to replace my left hip, another today has just arranged a pre-op for me to have work on my right shoulder in the new year). But it was initially one I saw and then he referred my different 'body bits' to his colleagues and he now just deals with my spine and neck arthritis.
    My GP has referred me to Rheumatology and I see them in December as I hit a Rf and other blood factors this year (albeit at low levels), she also put on my 'fit notes' to work about my arthritis, has my medical reports from every hospital visit which is almost on a three weekly basis. She stated she cannot sign the form because it is un-diagnoised!!!!! When my husband said it was RA that was undiagnoised and we understand that but what about the arthritis in knees, ankles, back, neck, shoulder, hips she just said it was wear and tear and not permenent. Of course it is perm until I have replacements but not all parts will be replaced.
    I am so upset because I feel like a malingerer and a laughing stock at my local council especially as I have asked Social Services for a home assesment and bus pass etc. I'm appealing a DLA claim also, trying to keep my job and convince my employers that my illness is genuine. I feel very depressed at the moment and glad I have found this site it may well have stopped me doing something stupid this evening.
    Anyway sorry to make my first post so longwinded but when I googled and this thread came up it was similar to me and that I'm not the only person to be refused and ask a consultant.
    Best Wishes to All on Here x
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    Hello Laura and welcome to the forum.

    It does help to know you are not the only one even if the circumstances are so horrible.

    There is a helpline at the top of the page if you feel you need any advice and of course you can post on here and get support and answers to any questions.

    Please don't suffer in silence.

    Elizabeth x
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    Dear Elizabeth,

    Thank you so much for your kind words, this is the most useful site I have been on in ages and have just taken out a membership too. I would also be happy to take part in any research into arthritis as I'm 34 so any scientists hopefully will get good innings out of me :smile:

    Laura x
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    Hello Laura

    welcome to the forums from me :smile: I hope you will find them as supportive as l have. Lovely folks full of useful tips and advice.

    Sorry about the badge, but you have to go down your plan B route to get it l think via your consultant.

    Look forward to seeing you posting again.


    Toni xx
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    hi Green and hi to you Laura as well.

    There are many professionals, apart from your GP, who can help with your application - any GP worth their weight in salt, would not say to juggle your anti-psychotics around, in an effort to reduce pain levels, that is not their remit, they follow the instructions of a Consultant, not make it up as they go along. Shame on them. You are quite within your rights to make an official complaint to the practice manager, who has to respond and investigate all complaints, further to that, you can contact your local primary care trust.
    There are a lot of issues and with the GP 10 minute time slot, sadly some just want to get through their lists, not taking into account that we do not all pop in with a chest infection, for some antibiotics, many of us have complex medical and psychological needs and their role is, or should be, one of support and care. just because a person can walk, does not exclude them from having a blue badge, you do not have to use a zimmer frame or other aid, it is not a compulsory part of the application.
    I do hope they sort things out and you can change to a GP who has some compassion and a caring bedside manner. Take lots of care XX Bubbles
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    Councils are supposed to be clamping down on BB.
    Mine get an OT to access you...takes about an hour.
    I got mine without this because of my family circumstances.
    This wasn't supposed to start until January but it is supposed to be all councils.My GP was never involved.
    I've only had mine a matter of weeks...1st one.
    It doesn't make sense to me when you've already had one that you are now refused. Like everything else you need to fight for it.
    I thought I had a lousy GP....I intend to change....yours sounds a lot worse. Wishing you well. May
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    Hi Guys,

    Thanks for all your kind words and support, well I had a duplicate form from the council today, popped it into the Secretary of the consultant I have seen the most and they were lovely. The form was maily completed in front of me and she (secretary) couldn't have been nicer or more supportive if she tried. On the negative side my DLA reconsideration still said no, which is very frustrating especially as (hold my head in shame) work for DWP so I know the procedures etc.
    I would take it to tribunal but given the lack of support from my GP there seems very little point as I know for a succesful appeal you need a lot of their imput. It is very annoying knowing that someone has the 'power' to play 'god' with my everyday life.
    Why don't I change practice I hear you say - well sadly we live in a very rural area and there is no other option and the next other nearest surgery is in another county. So until I move which I will need to because I need to try and buy a bungalow instead of my house I'm stuck, it is also awkward because we also know our GP personally and have overlapping social/family circles, so I don't want to make a formal complaint either.
    So I'm sorry I have been a moaner this week I just been a real downer, next week I'll try and put something positive on a topic. :P

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