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my 4yr old daughter has had jia for nearly 2yrs joint injections five times is due for her 6th on friday. she is about to go on methotroxate anyway she attends the local school she went on a school trip and basically got carried around by teachers all day because she couldnt walk. Not that im ungrateful because im not, honestly, but i had asked before hand if she was able to go and they said they had made provisions and then that happens. this has really upset me :!: im now worried as they obviously didnt listen to me, how she is going to cope with school all day as she is only in nursey.
sorry to rant but desperate for a bit of advice :roll: :roll: :roll:


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    I hope her injections went OK - they were yesterday, I think? As to how she will cope, well, no-one can answer that. Her school will need detailed information about the disease and the problems with tiredness and mobility that it causes. If her walking is that severly compromised then perhaps a wheelchair would be an option for school trips etc - surely that would be better than staff carrying her, that cannot be good for her joints. DD
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    I hope you and your daughter are having a good day. I would recommend printing off Information for Teachers document on this web site. Annie's teachers have found it really helpful - there is a tick box list that is helpful to fill in that is specific to your child. I would keep trying to talk to them. For Annie she sometimes does half days, full days off and rests at lunch times when she is bad. I would say she keeps very quiet about how she is feeling and it is me that lets the teachers know what she needs. A term in and I feel her teachers is getting to grips with it so keep perservering.
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    thanx for the advice i will definatly give it a try xx daughter is doing much better after injections a little bruised but totally worth it just to see her move a bit better. just waiting for app now for her to start mtx (sorry can't spell it). fingers crossed it may help a lot more, but its definatly a waiting game. thanxs all xx : :smile::smile::smile:

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