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Hi everybody, I'm in desperat need of advice before I put myself into an early grave with stress. My daughter has been back on mtx medicine for 8 weeks but today was the last straw. When I try to give her the medicine I get tantrums,excuses why she can't have it. We have explained over and over the reasons why she has to have it. I broke down because it just got to me. I don't know how much more I can take. She can't have the injection because she is so scared of needles. Please offer any advice before i really lose and give up all together.

Michelle x


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    Aww Michelle,

    So sorry to hear this and i Just want to offer a (((hug))) and a bit of support, it must be really hard for you and your little girl. How old is she?
    Try and keep calm yourself ( easy said than done isnt it) have you tried bribary? have this tablet and you can have a piece of chocolate, favourite pkt sweets .Have you spoken to rheumy about the problem, does the mtx make her feel sick etc( maybe this is why she doesnt want to take it).
    How about a star chart?

    Maybe a phone call to the helpline they will have probably seen this kind of problem with children before.

    Take care
    Rose x
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    Hi littlemummy2
    I can sympathise completly with you I to have just started my 4 year old daughter on Mtx. We are getting injections but the tears and trauma sound identical to what I am experiencing with my daughter. My advice is to try and make a positive out of the situation that is may be horrible but then she will get a treat or reward after her medication, I have bought a load of 99p toys and wrapped them up in fairy paper, I tell her that these presents are for very brave girls and after her medicine she can choose one , it does not stop the crying, screaming etc but it is a distraction. Also please remember to talk about how you feel I called Arthritis Care for a chat they were great just made me realise it is normal for kids to react this way. Feel free to message me anytime i log on most days.
    Good luck with this weeks meds
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    Phoebe is 6 was diagnosed may 2007. I've tried all sorts of bribary, we have a chart on the fridge but dosen't seem to work. It's the taste she dosen't like, we have had mtx in medicine form, tried the tablet, then back to medicine then eventually on to the injection. She was taken off mtx because of her needle phobia, Dr harvey agreed with Dr wood that she needed to go back on mtx because of uveitis flare ups and joint problems. :-(

    I'm going to phone LGI on monday and see what they suggest. Phoebe has also seen a child phycologist which didn't work. Just don't know what to do now don't know what else she can have.

    Sorry for the moan and thanks for your hugs and advice.

    Michelle x
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    Hi Michelle
    It sounds like you and Phoebe are at your wits end with the medication she has to take, I can not begin to understand what it is like for you as we have only recently started treatment. I too hate having to put Katie through the trauma of treatment every week, even the anti sickness meds are a battle ! usually ending up down my or her top. Do you know if there are any other kids of a similar age on the same treatment if so maybe you could arrange for them to meet and play together, I have bought Katie a build a bear and she is very special because she has arthritis too, I am trying to make her feel she is not alone. I do not know if this will make any difference but she has been telling her friends in nursery that her and her bear match that its not so bad when you have someone special who is the same, needless to say the bear is much better at taking her medication. I am going to try and find any kids near me that are taking meth and meet up but its difficult as hospitals wont give any personal info out. Anyway good luck for this weeks session .
    Take care and never feel guilty for having a moan , It deffinetly helps !
    Jane x

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