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HI all
Really wanted to be positive on this post but have now caught a flu virus which i didnt expect as I had a flu jab but im achy and sore my temp up and my throat is resembling glass shards.

Can I ask for those who are long timers on Depo steroids ( the 3 or so monthly ones intra muscular) did you find as time goes on it doesnt work as well? Although I have had some relief its nearly a week now and Im not feeling the usual spring I get (ok Im not well but it usually doesnt matter for my joints after a steroid I can go out dancing ...sort of ..... :wink:) really disappointed at being ill again and that my joints are not pain free.
Im supposed to be starting my uni course but am struggling to read for long periods or concentrate fully as my eyeballs are throbbing. its like deja vu. :roll: :roll: :x
Just re read the spoons theory for inspiration but feel like ive only been given 4 for the last few days maybe a hot bath can regenerate a couple more spoons :P

Theresa x


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    Hi Theresa
    Sorry I cant be much help, just want to send you some hugs to keep you going ((((((()))))
    Hope you feel better very soon
    Barbara x
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    I have never had anything more than three days of feeling mildly better after a depo. They are temperamental things, sometimes they deign to turn up and help, other times they don't. Oral steroids tho? I win every time with them.

    Having a flu jab does not mean that one won't contract a flu bug, but it should be ameliorated as a result of the jab. I think I had a dose of flu but it's cleared now. Keep warm, hydrated, wine gums are good for the sore throat, as you are no longer on the cimzia perhaps some zinc tablets would be a good idea to boost your immune system, and top-up your vit C levels. I hope you feel better soon. DD
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    Hi theresa
    I don't take steroids so can't say anything about them.
    I just want to say I hope you feel better soon and the flu goes.
    Take care, have plenty of rest and drink plenty. (listen to me dr Julie I'll be taking your temp next) :lol:
    juliepf x
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    Can't help you either Theresa, but do want to give you a ((((())))or three from me and hope you feel zingy again soon....

    hope the hot bath will give you some more spoons...if not you can have one of mine :grin:


    toni xx
  • theresa4
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    Thankyou all for your posts,
    I had a hot bath and managed to do some reading and some note taking (im only 3 weeks behind now :eek: ) on the neg my hands are swollen and sore today just from holding a pen and writing a few notes :evil
    My eyes are dry despite masses of eye gel but I assume its to do with this fluey thing. Im so tired today and have been fighting the urge to just go back to bed and sleep the day away, although I have managed with my sons help to make a meat lasagne and a salmon and fennel lasagne for me. (he only helped cos its the only way hes getting his fav mums own lasagne :grin::lol: ) I dont make it that often anymore because cheese grating and onion cutting are difficult for me.
    My OH is not speaking to me dont know what Ive done this time?? I know hes stressed about work but hell cant he see I am too and frustrated because I cant do anything to help. Its been over a week since he spoke to me other than when he had to so life is pleasant at the minute :cry: hence the need to jump back into bed and sleep the days away.
    So look at the positives Ive stayed out of bed, made yummy lasagne and done some uni work yey me!!
    See my sarcasm hasnt left me .. :wink:
    thanks again for reading

    Theresa xx
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    Salmon and fennel? Cor! Be an angel when hands etc are a little better and whack the recipe on one of del's cooking threads on CC. That sounds gorgeous!

    I am sorry that you and OH are at apparent logerheads again - you being so down all the time must be difficult for those around you as they know there is little they can do to help. Arthritis not only affects us, it has a go, every now and again, at everyone around us, doesn't it? It is not easy, even at the best of times. I hope your flu thing does begin to shift, and soon. You very much need a good spell of bettter health and I am sure it will appear in due course. I wish you well. DD
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    It seem everyone has the flu or tummy bug at the moment. I recommend a lovely "duvet day" and lots of orange juice. I have just started on steroid drips and feel the same. So rubbish channel 5 movie and hot chocoalte hear I come. Justo take care of yourself as they say "because your worth it" :grin:

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