NHS prescription charges



  • Poppyg1rl
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    Oh Tony,
    You do make me laugh! Not an easy feat at the minute (up all night with poorly children:sad:) I think any spamster will be quaking in their boots to think of duelling with a sham poo master :lol: xxx
  • tjt6768
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    Laugh :shock: I am deadly serious my dear :shock:
    I trained for 45 yrs to get to where I am now (an arthritic cripple :lol: )

    And as I am only 42 I think you wil agree that IS dedication :wink::lol:

  • wannabewriter
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    *hands up*

    I would pay, if they asked me to.

    I even TRIED to pay the first few times, but the chemist wasn't having any of it.

    All your points taken with interest, must say.

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