My 4 year old starting methothrexate any advice please ?



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    That is not good enough by your doctor. FA is a standard treatment alongside meth, of that I am sure. You can buy FA in supermarkets etc but the dosage is not strong enough (that is what my hospital told me). I take it the meth for your child was prescribed by the hospital so perhaps you could contact them about the FA - they can then write to the GP and he will have to prescribe it.

    Perhaps another GP is an option. This one sounds obstructive and dismissive, to say the least. Four years old and on meth? Ye gods. Your little mite needs all the help going. I wish you both well. DD
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    Hi DD,
    Thanks for the advice we have finally been prescribed folic acid but as yet is making no difference but keeping my fingers crossed, we have been having a bad time recently three more joints flared up in the last month just feel so helpless and useless, this really is a cruel disease. Hope all is well with you.
    Janeb x