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Facet Joint Denervation?

serenajackserenajack Posts: 6
edited 3. May 2011, 21:12 in Living with Arthritis archive

Has anyone had Facet Joint Denervation? I would be interested to hear about the procedure and the results.

Thanks Jackie x


  • elnafinnelnafinn Posts: 8,043
    edited 30. Nov -1, 00:00
    Hi Jackie

    I am sure that I have. :grin: I had a dorsal root ganglion block x 2 at L4 and L5 on 3 December 2009 to try to get rid of the pain of sciatica that I had for over one year. The consultant told me after the procedure, which was performed under GA, that I had a 50/50 chance of it working as he could only inject into L4 and although he tried many times to inject into L5 (He really did try as I counted 15 marks on my back :lol: ) there was not enough space so he gave me a shot of steroids instead. Thanks to this lovely man, I have had no sciatica pain to date. :grin:

    I must get to bed now, what a simply wonderful, special day it has been :grin:

    Elna x
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  • skezierskezier Posts: 12,150
    edited 30. Nov -1, 00:00
    Hi Jackie,

    I am pretty sure i have had something along these lines.... IO have had the steroid nerve blocks, a chemical temporary denerve and they were saying about making it permanent with cryogenics or fitting a electric thing to cut out the nerves messages but the last chemical one didn't last too long and I was deemed to be an unsuitable candidate.....

    Now I get medrone and botox and try as it might it can;t fight that anywhere near as well.... it does try though give it its due it never gives up! :wink:

    Mine were both the lumber and the cervical and they did help for a short time but only a few months. I think some of the things they were saying they might have done had I been a decent candidate sound hopeful and it might be one of those your having done?

    Sorry i am late seeing this but nice to meet you and keep us posted please. Nice to meet you. Cris x
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