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I have just been diagnosed with both rheumatoid and osteo arthritis and possible osteoporosis, lupus or sjogrens syndrome, I was expecting the rheumatoid but the rest came as a shock, have been referred to a rheumatologist, could just do with some friends in the same boat, I have 6 children and am 53 ,living in Dorset.


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    Hi tawny
    sorry to hear of all your problems I have osteoarthritis in my spine and knee, and a few other problems i thought i was bad but since registering with this forum i have realised that there are many out there including yourself who are worse off than me. Its good you have joint the forum I live in London.
    Keep smiling
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    Welcome Tawny

    Hope to see you around the forums xx
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    hi mi dear & welcome from me too, this is the right place to be hun.. Support, advice, giggles etc... Second to none..

    Hope to see you settled in soon, we are all very friendly.

    Be well.
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    Hello Tawny and welcome from me too.

    I am so sorry to hear of your diagnosis/potential diagnosis and it is a lot to take in isn't it?

    But so glad you have found us. You will get great support and advice from others in a similar situation and hopefully it will make you feel less alone with it all. I have rheumatoid and sjogrens and I know there are others on the forum with lupus/osteo.

    You've probably already figured this out, but best place to post arthritis related queries is on the Living with Arthritis (LWA) forum cos most people look there and the Chit-Chat is the place for more lighthearted stuff. There is also the AC helpline who can be contacted either via the forum or by phone.

    Hope you get your rheumatology appt soon.

    Thinking of you.

    Love Tilly xxx
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    Thanks for all the comments, I was wondering if anyone has problems with dry eyes, I have been treated for 6 years for recurrent corneal erosion but they have now decided it is just severely dry eyes, it is so painful and the drops and gels dont seem to help, any suggestions that have been tried and found to help would be so welcome, getting my head around the arthritis diagnosis, altho the pills make me feel sick, anyway , glad to have found you all, XXX
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    Try posting the questions on the Living With section hun.. Not too many folks read this section..

    Good luck, I am sure someone will have some knowledge.. somewhere :wink:

    Be well mi dear

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    Hi Tawny, And welcome to the forum, we are all very friendly and try and help each other, if you have any questions just post them on the forum. I have osteoporosis and Fibromyalgia, if you ever wanna chat, just private message me, we are all friends on here. Amanda, (bubbadog).
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    Hi Tawny
    Welcome to the forum,it's a great shame any of us come here but we are a great crowd and a wealth of experience.
    I too have OA and RA but not 6 children and nor do I live in Dorset (but have great memories of the county!).

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