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Hi, My name is Amanda, I am 43 years old and I have recently been diagnosed with OA in my hips and have recently had a steroid injection in my right hip. A friend advised me to look for a forum for people living with arthritis and said it might be useful to talk to people who may be able to offer tips and advice. So, hello.


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    Hi Amanda :smile:

    Welcome to the forum.That was an excellent idea of your friend. :grin: We are a very supportive, helpful lot on this forum. If you would like advice and so on, why not post on the Living with Arthritis forum, as that is where more of us hang about and if you want to visit the cafe, or discuss not arthritis related stuff, that is on the ChitChat zone.

    I too have oa and have had both knees replaced relatively recently and have no regrets. Just had three toes dealt with and am 6 weeks post op. :smile:

    I hope the steroid injection has helped you, some do, some do not, we are all different.

    Hope to see your name around the forum,

    Look after yourself,

    Elna x
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    Thank you Elna I will do.

    Glad your op has gone ok,

    Amanda x
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    Hello Amanda
    And a very warm welcome to this lovely forum, anything you need to ask just post in Living with arthur and when you are ready come and join us in chit chat, its were we have a laugh and chill out,
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    welcome pop on chit chat when ever u need to natter val
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    Hi Amanda
    Welcome to the forum as Elna has said it was good advice from your friend I have had OA in my spine and one knee for nearly 6 yrs now and have only recently found this forum. the difference it has made to me has been great wish I had found it a long time ago. :smile:

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