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I thought I would introduce myself. My name is Arianna and I have a 3.5 year old daughter who was diagnosed with JA in April 2010.

Hoping to get some support and help from the forum.



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    hello and welcome! I am new here too! Chris
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    Hi baby, I left an answer for you on the other forum. I hope you find help and information on here, this is a very tough time for you and your girl. DD
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    Hi Chris and DD!

    I hope both of you are doing okay.

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    I hope you find answers and support from the specialists, docs and here for you and the wee one.

    Have a good weekend.
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    welcome from me too hun. I'm so sorry to hear that your poor little child has this nasty disease.. I hope that you will get plenty of advise and support on the childrens section.. Somewhere I've never had call to venture, lol... I'm sure that the folks on there are just as wonderful as the ones on the rest of AC...

    Best wishes hun.....

    Kisses to the little one. :grin:

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