sulphasalazine and sun sensitivity

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Hi All,
I've just been prescribed sulph ( 2grammes per day) to supplement my 20 mgs of Methotrexate.

Well, the rheumy nurse went through the drug with me... I took her description of 'sun reaction' to be very serious...

So whats the sketch then? I'm dark haired and do tan well... I've always like to get some colour by using a factor 4 to 6 ( because, without this tan, the day one forgets to use SP you could suffer) But now????

I cycle and have to do a fair bit of gardening and do like the sunshine...

I have been noticing that i do catch the sun really easily now... ( it was my fair haired wife before catching the sun)

Q is it to be pale from now on (using SPF30) or would SPF15 do. And that my skin will tan at a slower rate and me not suffer any 'reaxction'

Any advice appreciated..


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    I am on the max dose of sulph (six tablets daily) and 15 ml injected meth per week and the sun is now a real problem for me. I am fair haired and fair skinned. I was never bothered about sunbathing etc before but now use a factor 50 to keep the meth rash at bay. My skin on my neck and upper chest area reacts quickly now and it is very sore and uncomfortable: I have been on the drugs for far longer than you so I guess sensitivity increases the longer one is taking them.

    My advice would be to use at least a factor 30 and keep out of the strong mid-day sunshine. If you are finding that the meth etc is helping the arthritis then it would make sense to keep the meth/sulph rash at bay. I know that being tanned makes one look better but when all is said and done tanned skin is damaged skin. If you have to have some colour then try the fake stuff - but still use the factor 30 on top of that. Take care and I hope you can avoid the rashes. DD

    PS A further thought: I used to be completely untroubled by biting things like midges but that is no longer the case. I put that down to the sulph and/or meth altering matters and making me more attractive to them. IO got bitten last September on the upper right arm and it still hasn't healed! :smile:
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    Hi, Im also on 20mg of methotrexate, and 2g of sulfa, im a new recruit to thr ranks of sulfa uses, I have also been warned about the sun, I have got some factor 50 sun cream id rather be safe than sorry.

    DD I thought your point about insectbites was interesting.... :!: Normally its Mrs L that suffers most with bites, i think i should could keep an eye out for the good old scottish midgy then... I proberly have more chance ofbeen bitten than getting a good sun tan lol mental note to self avoid midges.... (easier said then done when you live in scotland):???:

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    I don't know about that lorica, we are all different. I became aware I was more tasty to biting things about four years after starting the sulph - I got bitten by summat down by a river one summer's evening and it needed the intervention of iodine patches to heal. Once the injected meth joined in then yes, bites a-plenty and they take an age to heal up. You may not have the same trouble, but like a good Boy Scout, always Be Prepared! :smile: DD
    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben