Pill dispenser?

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Hi, Does anyone know of a good pill dispenser maybe on that can be taken apart and used for travelling? Because on days out I have to take all my bottles and packets with me :lol: I ve seen a few in my local chemist but wondering which is the best? Ive 21 tablets a day to take so its one that has the divided days in it that I need.


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    i got good one from £ shop. you can remove each day if you want to helps me see if have taken meds often can not remember so just look it easy once a week fill it up
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    Hi, have you tried asking at the Chemist's. They might be more expensive their but, might be able to give you advice about buying for your needs. I hope you find what you need. :smile: Love Sue
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    I bought one from my local chemist, it cost £3.99, it has the seven days each split into four sections, and each day can be lifted from the tray to be stuck in a handbag. The only gripe I have is that some of the lids for the sections are rather tough to open.

    There are all kinds of pill trays etc around, your chemist should have a good variety, mine stocks nine different kinds. I find mine useful, and I intend to use it full-time now, rather than just for holidays. I find I do get into the occasional muddle with everything :roll: so doing that should stop that happening! DD
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    Morning margaret

    The others before me have said what I was going to say....so....all I can now say is.....I hope you find one soon.

    B**ts is another place you could try

    Juliepf x
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    Hi Margaret
    I bought five from the poung shop - yes £1 each. When I get anew supply of meds I fill all my boxes as my memory is crap. This way I can see at a glance if I have taken them and when I need a new suppoy of anything. These boxes have removable days and have four sections for each day. I also bought One strip of one section per day, I find that usefull if for example I need to take more bulky tabs once per day.

    Hope you find what you are looking for xxx
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    Hi, I have had to purchase two weekly Pill dispensers recently, I really was astonished in the different prices they range from to and from. The differences in sizes and quality is an issue also. Not trying to sound loaded, but, I found it doesn't always pay to buy the cheapest, the quality of some of these dispensers are prity naff. When use daily, 365 days, probably 4 times a day, the ease of use and quality are are an important factor. My advice is...shop around if you are able. Good luck, John x
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    My Uncle when he came to stay in Scotland for a few months was very forgetful with all his pills and used to take too much one day and none the next. I spoke with his GP and she arranged for the Pharmacy to post through his letter box every week a blister pack which acted like the pill boxes mentioned but already had his pills in the blisters labelled when he should take them.

    If you find it difficult to get out to the pharmacy to collect the pills then this is an excellent service.

    Uncle was 71yrs and a bit dottery and this was in Scotland and was a free service.

    Worth bearing in mind.
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    My gran used to get a dosset box made up by the pharmicist and they would also arrange any prescription renewals as well so we didn't need to phone for prescriptions. This was also in Scotland don't know if things are different where you are.

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    You will find chemists here in England offer this free service too, downside is if you want to go away for a day the pack-size is rather too large for most handbags and this is also compounded by the fact that different times of day are on different 'sheets' so to speak. So if you were going away for a day you may have to take a full weeks supply with you (or even a month). It is difficult to explain if you have not seen the 'blister packed' meds.

    Just thought I would mention if I was going away for a day I would take that day's supply and also the next day that means if your journey home is delayed for any reason you have the next days meds which you do not have to worry about.
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    Not sure if you have sorted your pill dispenser out but when I purchased mine recently I found that the only ones I could buy at chesmists / supermarkets where the ones that each day pops open like a little box only cost me £1 but for me they where no good as when im having my bad days my fingers just dont work and I cant get them open!

    The ones Im using now I got off ebay cost a couple of quid ( lot cheaper than searching for these ones on online chemists) but they are the sliding ones and not the opening ones which are soooo much easier to use when you have bad hands. Wouldnt say there ideal for travelling jiggling about in suitcases but ive transported mine and have had no probs

    Heres where I got it


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    Just a word of caution - some meds shouldn't be taken out of their packaging prior to being taken (Ciclosporin/cyclosporin is one of them), check prior to putting them in a dispenser, it should say on the info leaflet
    otherwise good luck in finding something useful
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    cthornley wrote:
    Just a word of caution - some meds shouldn't be taken out of their packaging prior to being taken (Ciclosporin/cyclosporin is one of them),

    Have you any idea why? I ask because I'm sure someone wrote something similar about methotrexate (which I take) recently. I've never been told this officially, my own methotrexate is always delivered in a little pill bottle and, when travelling, I always pop one into a small pill case.
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    I think with Ciclosporin and others like it, it's because the are soft gelatin capsules and have some permeability to reacting With air or moisture which makes them less stable and they start to break down (and with ciclosporin even if they didn't they truly pong so are better kept sealed away)

    My mtx has no such warning with it and only says do not store above 25degreesC. If ur not supposed to take them out it will say on the leaflet. I think some people are advised to keep them in original containers to avoid confusion as to what they are because they are particularly nasty stuff but look like several other pills and that u don't want to getconfused with anything else

    If you are travelling at all I.e going through customs it is best to keep meds in original containers so you don't get accused of anything nefarious :roll:
    Hope that helps

    Hope that helps