Side effects of cyclosporin?

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Hi , It has recently been suggested by my consulants ( skin and bones ) that I should consider taking Cyclosporin. They have given me leaflets to read and the side effects seem pretty heavy.
Are you aware of the chances of getting the more serious side effects, i.e liver problems, cancer etc?
I know that this drug seems to work well with P.A and psoriasis and if I wasnt in real need would not even consider this.
Am just concerned as is my partner.

CJ :?:
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    Hi Clare

    Thank you for your posting.

    As you mention there can be side effects from using Cyclosporin (as well as all other Disease Mopdifying druds/anti-tnf's/biologics etc.

    You may well have the same sheet, but if you look at the following link it lists the possible side effects with this medication. See

    On the sheet it doesnt specifically mention liver problems or cancer as possible side effects.

    It may be worth speaking to your rheumatologist or rheumatology nurse to see if they keep statistics regarding side effects. Otherwise NHS direct may have some statistics on this (you can ring on 0845 4647).

    You are welcome to ring our helplines on 0808 800 4050 (open Monday to Friday from 10am to 4pm) if you would like to have a chat, or need more information.


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    I took cyclosporin for a while, and was conscientious about doing the blood and BP tests. The only side effect I had was an increase in hair growth but being fair skinned and naturally blonde that didn't bother me. I stopped it after about a year (I think) as there was no improvement in my PA. (I know I was also on sulph but I cannot remember any other meds.) I wish you well and, if you choose to take it, that it helps. DD
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    Hi Thanks Nick and DD for your replys. I was given different information from the hospital that was why i was questioning the side effects as they seemed to contradict others i had read.
    I do hope it is worth it, u do get to a point were you are willing to try anything. Lets hope it helps :)
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    Do you all know if this medicine is covered by insurance under normal circumstances? Thanks! I'm also worried that the side effects won't be covered. :evil

    Hi Samuel

    I can understand that you are really worried at the moment. Please give us a call,PM, or email to discuss things in greater detail as it is difficult to give you a clear answer without more information. With insurance - e.g. travel insurance you are only covered if you have disclosed your long term health conditions and answered specific questions from the insurers. Generally they need you to declare if your circumstances change - but that would be down to the small print on the policy. We are not the experts on insurance, so you might find going to your local library and looking up the Which? magazine guide to travel insurance. If you private message us your name and address we can post you some more information on insurance.

    Best wishes