Psoriatic arthritis and Atos.

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Hello all, I have Psa and have been on ESA since feb 2011, prior to me organising my medical I attempted to do some work so that I could get back in to work, I have been on the assessment rate since I started on it. I have spondylitis in my neck and both of my thumbs/wrists are a constant pain. Anyway like I said I tried to get a job before my medical and was given a position through an employment agency lifting tyres from a trailer, they were made fully aware of my condition before I went to the job and I left after 3 hours because of severe pain and swelling to the wrists. After 3 hours in A&E they x-rayed my dominant wrist and commented that the arthritis was now clearly visible on my x-ray and that I had damaged my scaphoid. My right arm was then casted and I was sent home. I went for my medical last week still in the cast and ATOS have claimed me fit for work? I am very stressed about it and not sure what I should do now :(


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    Hi gazza, I am a forum member with PA but I have not had anything to do with ESA etc - being self-employed that won't happen to me as yet but I can empathise with the distress that PA causes. Given the problems you have with your neck etc I am amazed the agency sent you to do such a physical job: twerps. I honestly don't know what to say but I would say that the forum is a grand place, we do know what this is like, we understand the distress and I hope we can help you. If you have any queries about meds etc then the LWA forum is the place, ChitChat is more lighthearted. I apologise for not being much help but please don't fret : yup, stupid words I know! DD
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    Hi gazza

    I have PsA and have also gone through the nightmarish ESA/ ATOS process. :roll:
    Here are some notes I've made along the way which I hope will be of help to you.

    As you disagree with the decision you have the right to

    1. ask for an explanation of dwp's decision. (either in writing or by phone)
    2. ask for a copy of the ATOS medical assessment. (you will need this!)
    3. ask for dwp to 'Reconsider' their decision. (this is a step you can choose to take before going to appeal.)
    4. appeal. If after reconsidering the decision dwp have not changed their decision about your entitlement to ESA you can then still appeal and go to an appeals tribunal.

    With steps 3 & 4 I would strongly suggest you attach any medical reports, physio, ortho, GP and hospital reports etc and take the time to go through the ATOS medical assessment line by line noting areas of disagreement and saying why you think that these elements are wrong. Attach all of this information to your letter asking for Reconsideration/ Appeal Application.

    I contacted my MP and he was incredibly supportive... so maybe you could enlist the support of your MP too? ... or you could enlist the help and support of CAB or a Welfare Rights Officer.

    NB if you appeal the decision then pending the appeal being heard you are entitled to have ESA re-instated..... but you do need to continue to submit 'Fit Notes' from your GP...

    Good luck with this Gazza.... I can well understand your anxiety. It's a very unfair process, widely condemned by various disability charities....

    Iris xxxx

    ps.sorry helplines for butting in with such a long winded response. :oops:
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    Dear Iris,

    Gazza is lucky you were around to come up with a response that is succinct, and comes direct from experience and wisdom, without a hint of long winded! I personally could not have come up with anything better, so no apologies necessary. :smile:

    Gazza you have now been given a clear idea of your options, and if you need to talk anything through you know where we are. But not until 10am Monday. Have a good weekend all

    Best wishes

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    Thanks all, I will be getting the ball rolling first thing tomorrow morning, I spoke to DWP on weds after my medical and the told me a payment that was late and I had been waiting on had been sent and would clear in my account on saturday however they have stopped that payment because of the medical and left me without any money, I am so upset but also so angry at the way I have been treated.
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    Sorry to butt in on this thread but my nephew has been diagnosed with P S A, at the moment he is on Sufasalazine but every couple of weeks he gets a bad bout of diarrhoea normally in the middle of the night, is this normal ?, he is waiting for results from the hospital on what is wrong with him, very strange this has been going on for over a year.
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    Dear Silver birch,

    Thanks for your question to Helplines. This is the kind of situation where we'd not be able to say very much I'm afraid. It's always possible that someone's arthritis meds might affect the stomach, but more than that we'd not be qualified to say. The good thing is that your nephew is being investigated for this.

    If you'd like to talk more about the situation in general you are very wecome to get in touch with us directly by ringing or emailing us if that would be helpful.

    all the best