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Hi everyone. . . I guess I am looking for inspiration from positive sufferers of Arthritis. Having said that I guess no one is a positive sufferer but a sufferer who also is positive. I think I have been through the stages of 'why me?' and now I would love to chat with other sufferers for their cheerful advice. . . I do so want to keep cheerful if possible. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and arthritis several years ago and since the last couple years have been seeing an alternative therapist. I am now being tested for Rheumatoid Arthritis since visiting my doctor for another reason. She took one look at my painfully swollen hands and concluded RA. I guessed it myself but was happy to ignore it for as long as possible. My mum had RA so it seemed inevitable really. I am now suffering painful feet and my love of walking has been crushed and my positiveness has been flattened to say the least. After feeling sorry for myself I have found this site where I guess we can all help each other. I never realised how painful arthritis was until I had it myself. My hobbies involve using my hands and my love of walking and swimming is now difficult to enjoy. I am now waiting for blood test results to confirm RA. I would love to meet other RA sufferers in my area in Cornwall and welcome other artists for advice on how they have kept up their spirits, with such a love of art/sculpture but with hands that are so painful.
Ruth :-) xx


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    Hi Ruth

    Good to meet you.

    I hope and am sure you will find these forums as helpful as l have.

    As Del says we do have one member from Cornwall....in fact l can think of several so you will find some cornish folk for sure.

    I think l am a positive person who also has arthritis l do know what you mean :wink:

    Sorry to hear your health problems and now the extra one too which you had suspected :sad:

    Take a look around and join in Ruth. You will be welcomed.


    Toni xx
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    Hi Ruth

    Welcome to the forum :grin:

    I am neither from Cornwall nor an artist but I hope I can help you to stay positive and share experiences with you along the way. Hope you are having a good day. Sending you hugs xx
    Big Hugs
    Jean xx
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    Thank you to Delboy, Toni and Jean for your good wishes and cheerfulness. I have been researching alternative medicines to the ones prescribed for me and have come across Cherry Turmeric Complex for inflamation and Celedrin for joint pain, stiffness, swelling and mobility.
    It is a week since taking the Cherry supplement and with eating foods that assist in reducing inflamation I am able to say my inflamation has reduced. My feet are still painfull but I do sense slight improvement so I am keeping posititve. I have been out with my dogs today for a much longer walk, which I have desperately missed doing, fingers crossed I am on the mend. If anyone has taken any of these supplements with success I'm interested to hear your comments. Still keeping cheerful, with the odd little moan ha! Love Ruth :-)
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    Hi Ruthy..

    Welcome to the fourum..
    I like your positive attitude, keep that going and you will do good although having a meltdown in between is allowed.. :lol:
    I have a passion for art and anything creative, i suffer with my hands too and find i just make the most of the days when i can use my hands and do it in small paces rather than all at once, have you tried splints or supports, they can be useful and help support hands/wrists..
    Regarding walking.. i love taking my dogs out but these days i am not as active as i like to be, but i use sticks and crutches to get out an about which help me a great lot, this was done by GP(a referal to occupational therapy)..
    We are a good bunch on here and i am sure some others wil be along soon to give you some helpful tips..
    Keep up with the positivity, keeps you sane, your doing good..
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    Hi Ruth just a quic hello im a nieghbour from cornwall and was diagnosed on friday i know its hard but you have to remain positive sometimes its hard as we all have bad days but hold on in there im based in millbrook where abouts are you welcome to this place they are a great bunch as im sure you will find out big hugs((())) soraya xx :smile:
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    Hi Tracey and Soraya
    Thank you both for your support and such kind words. I live in Delabole and often visit Crafthole (Port Wrinkle). Not far from you Soraya. I am sorry you have been diagnosed too but guess we all have to learn to live with the disabilities although easier said than done when you have a relapse. I admire your positiveness Tracey, where do you live? You sound a very positive and inspiring person, puts me to shame really for moaning. I guess cos being artistic and loving all things creative I felt so saddened at losing the use of my hands for the things that I love doing. Guess I have just got to have more faith and contentment in what I am still able to do. Thank you once again to both of you in supporting me. :-) Love Ruth xx
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    Hi Ruth, welcome xx
    love and hugs
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    Hi Leisa
    Thank you for your wlcome message :-) Love Ruth xxx