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Hello my name is Harry I have OA, my friends call me Harry with a Hach, not Arry, I got the name after in a village in Tanzania, east Africa, after the head of the village kept calling me Arry and I said no its Harry with a Hach and so that is what the villagers called me. I am just getting back to being online (for fun) after being off while I travelled around Europe and Africa working for United Nations as an investigator.

I semi retired so I am home and loving the rest. I hope to make some good friends as its hard to keep a friendship going as I am travelling.

I enjoy walking when I can, real ale, model making and shooting clays not animals. I guess that's me.


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    Well Hello and welcome to you 'H'arry!!!

    I hope you will enjoy our forums. Look around and join in you will be made most welcome.

    You are a rareish breed on her we are short of men so they will be extra pleased to meet you and tend to hang out in the chit chat forum in the main.

    Lovely to meet you

    Toni xx
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    Hi Harry with Hach lol

    You sound a very interesting person, full of good stories,,,they would be great on the chit chat thread..
    We are a great bunch on here, we understand,support and have a laugh.
    Look forward to seeing you around..
  • Ankyspond
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    Hello so very nice to meet you,

    Sounds like an exciting life you lead, great place for a chat or advice. Hope you stick around and keep chatting. Xx
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    Hi Harry with an "H" :smile:

    Welcome to the forum. Your OA does not seem to be worrying you that much with all that you are doing/able to do. Lucky you! :smile:

    Looks as though you received some pretty harsh replies on the ChitChat zone. Why not try the LWA zone and see how you get on there?

    Elna x
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    Hi Harry , or can I call you H??

    Welcome aboard the arthur bus. Hope to see you around on LWA & CC. Hope to hear some of your stories sometime.

    C xx

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