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I've just joined and I'm feeling worried.
I am 60yrs and female with hip and knee arthritis same leg. I can cope OK most days but then when I walk a distance or do some gardening, I get terrific pain in my hip and knee. Sometimes I feel as if my knee is giving way and I'm going to fall. My knee has torn cartilage and also a self-healed ACL tear from a few years ago which both went undiagnosed at the time of the injury, and only realised from a MRI 12 months later -- basically I'd got forgotten in the NHS system.
The pain in my hip has me doubled over when it does occur. X-ray showed my femur impacted well into my hip.
My GP just gives me painkillers but can anyone tell me what future I can look forward to?
I am not able to work anymore and not able to claim benefits as my husband works but the money is the least worry I have at the moment.
My hubby works abroad for months on end and neither of us has family alive and we didn't have children. I just feel alone.
Thanks for reading.


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    Hello Bumblebee,

    I'm so sorry you've had to find us but I promise you you need never feel alone again. We, here, are all in the same arthritic boat. Our difficulties are many and varied but we do understand how things are and there will always be someone here to talk to whenever things get really tough - or, when they're not so tough & you just want to have a laugh.

    I'm guessing, from what you've said, that yours is osteo arthritis but bear in mind I'm not a doc. If so, the recognised treatments are usually painkillers and exercise. Painkillers are a bit of a misnomer - paindullers is a more exact description. Exercises will help keep the muscles strong so that they support your joints better. AC produce a booklet on them. (Top right of page - Publications & Resources). After that it's surgery. Hip & knee surgery both have excellent results. We have plenty of successful candidates here including myself.

    You don't say how long ago the hip X-ray was taken. Might it be worth asking for another referral to the orthopaedic surgeon? Things might have changed.

    Please just join in here wherever you want. We are a friendly lot and you'll be made most welcome.
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    Hi Bumblebee

    Welcome to the forum. Do join us on the other zones. If you copy and paste your thread onto the Living with Arthritis zone, more people will see it and you will get help and support there. This zone is not visited so much by many on the forum.

    I am sorry to hear about your pain - I shall be 61 at the end of this year and have had two new knees, a foot op and am nearly three weeks post op after a spine op (neck end). If you have OA like I do then in the end surgery is the only answer really to be able to have quality of life. The medication/physio/exercise only works for a time, or so I have found anyway.

    I hope to see you around on the other forums, I shall look out for you. :smile:

    Elna x
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    I am 59 and also just been diagnosed with osteo arthritis in my fingers and my ankles and throughly depressed feel we are "young" for this. Again all the doctor offered me was painkillers no other support of any kind. Surely they should be offering more than that
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    Hello Strenaby,

    I see you're quite new to the forum and I don't think we've 'met' yet so, first off, welcome from me. Of course you must feel depressed if you've only just been diagnosed. It comes as a shock to most people and takes some getting used to. Unfortunately you are not 'too young'. You can see from the 'My Child Has Arthritis' forum that this disease is no respecter of either age or youth.

    Is there any particular support you feel would be helpful? As I explained to Bumblebee, paindullers, exercise and surgery are the normal route for osteo-arthritis. Those of us with one of the auto-immune varieties do have lots more treatments to contemplate but they would not help with osteo.

    There are Pain Clinics which will give you lots of insights into how to cope with the pain, and AC run Challenging Pain courses in some parts of the country. Some of AC's publications (Top right of the page) might be of help to you. Also there is us - we know how it is and are always available when you need to sound off or to answer questions, such as we can, or just have a laugh together. I hope you will join in.
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    Hi Bumblebee,

    First of all welcome I too am from staffordshire :grin:

    You will never be alone on here! There are lots of us with OA (me included I do have other ones aswell) so there's always someone to talk to.

    Arthritis Care do different courses , at the moment i am doing the challenging pain one. I believe the next one is in stafford , you might like to consider it and go along ? you will to be able to meet others who are suffering with the same illness and make new friends, whilst learning too :grin:

    take it easy
    Rose x

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