just found out!!!!!

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hi all,
just got the news that after 10 years of a lump on my foot and 6 months of very strong pain ive got arthritis now do i get the lump removed???


  • traluvie
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    Hi scooter,

    Sorry to hear about your arthritis..what arthritis do you have?
    Regarding your lump you will have to ask your doctor.
  • scooter13
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    Thank you traluvie doctor has told me to get it removed or i may have trouble walking in 1 - 2 years but can't say it wont grow back so could be every few years but the pain is bad so i think i will
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    HI Scooter

    Welcome to the forums from me

    Sorry about the arthritis, but really where is this lump???

    If the doc has advised removal and you are happy to go ahead....


    Toni xx