Two years on AC forums!

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I just noticed I've been here for 2 years. Thank you everyone for the love, laughs, kindess and support. In the early days, I was such a mess and so frightened of everything. I've managed to develop a sense of humour,learnt that baths help me relax and eaten a lot of chocolate. I would particularly recommend the latter as a good coping mechanism. :grin:

Hand on heart, I believe RA has changed me for the better. I've become a different person, more accepting and more patient. I've also had my eyes opened to the challenges people with disabilities face. I think this will aid me well when I become a qualified social worker. Obviously, I would have preferred not to have it but who said life was easy eh?

Happy Friday everyone!


  • valval
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    happy two year birthday it is a lovely place and helped keep me sane val
  • mig
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    Well done coping with the downs and the laughs on here,its not easy when people are suffering all you want to do is hug them,but the laughs cheer us all up no end.Mig
  • dreamdaisy
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    Cor! Two years! I love the way that we count our natural - and AC birthdays - what a great place this is. Happy second birthday Starburst! DD
  • mellman01
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    Good one!, hey have you been given an invite and your own key to "the bunker"?, after 2 years on here you should have been if not fat Kev's let the side down he has a liking for Gin.
  • barbara12
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    Hi starburst
    I love it...happy 2 years on the forum....and yes I agree chocolate.. instead of meds :lol: x
  • skezier
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    hi Sophie,

    been a pleasure to meet you and hope you do many more years on the forum as well. hugs, a hope all is ok and a cuppa Cris xx
  • [Deleted User]
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    Congratulations on the two years, you are an asset to the forum, thank your contributions to the forum, please continue enjoying. From all the Moderators
  • dachshund
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    Hi Starburst.
    i'm pleased the forum has helped you its some where to come
    to for help and advice i would be lost without it.
    i've been 2 years as well i've met some lovely kind people on here and i thank them and the moderators.
    joan xx

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