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Hi all,

Had a tough day at work again yesterday, this week I'm on back shift and seconded to our sister company - which usually means tough, heavy repetitive work - which is exactly what happened last night! Six hours of feeding a machine running a full speed, even though I was given assistance, the two of us were flat out! As a consequence my left hand is not happy, not overly sore, just swollen - I can't straighten or fully bend my index finger on my left hand. And when I woke up during the night, I found I was unable to fully clench/close my left hand - I am able to fully clench/close my right hand, but with no pressure. Both thumbs avera re and stiff! Btw I work for a small company of less than 20 employees!

Anyway, as a result of this I've made an appointment for tomorrow to see a Disability Advisor to see what my options are. I can't keep going like this, and I'm only new to this blasted disease!

Is there anything I need to know, should ask, things I should take with me? I'm not expecting to be put forward for DLA, as I don't consider myself to be at that stage.

Although having said that I recently discovered that my asthma means I'm considered as disabled - much to my surprise (except when I'm recovering from a cold/flu).


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    Sorry scozzie, I can't help on this; have you looked on the Working Matters forum? There may be summat about it on there. I have asthmna too but would never class myself as disabled because of it - mind you when I was a child I would as it greatly affected my life (this was in the pre-inhaler days). Good luck, I hope they can help you in some way. DD
    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
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    Oh poor Scozzie :sad:

    l expect you are meaning the adviser at the job centre see if there is any help you can get?? Or advice???

    I hope your hand eases soon.

    Maybe your GP could refer you to an OT for some hand supports or something??


    Toni xx
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    Hi scozzie
    Sorry I cant help, but hopefully someone will be along shortly that can, I do wish you well with it all, you are willing to work but just need extra help, its not asking much
    Please let us know how you get on.
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    Hi Scozzie

    Sorry I can't help but I do wish you luck with your appointment

    Juliepf x
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    Thank you all, I'm looking forward to it, albeit nervously.

    Whilst I do have OA, and can't deny it, I don't consider myself disabled, at least not yet anyhow - but I am finding myself seeking to avoid certain jobs at work, not always successfully - my own fault there, as I'm one of the few (only one actually) who can keep up with the machine AND keep the immediate work area tidy ... my mind still thinks I can do that, however my body is really starting to argue! Lol

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    I have seen my disability advisor at the local jobcentre.....
    she was really helpful and went through the DDA ( now Equality act)....I think before you go right a list of what YOU want...although I think from your post its the fact that you are now struggling with your job....
    Nows the time to start to think about informing your employees of your condition and think about things that would help you....change of hours, duties etc....
    We talk about this a lot on ' Working matters'...so join us on there... :eek: