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I am seeing them next week. Do not know what to expect. I do not know what their role is. I am off sick and leaving at Christmas. I am not at all sure I am fit to work as I have fluctuating pain all the time. It is the serco bunch. Do they tell me if I need to be signed off? Is it in my interest to give them reports? Shall I be really honest? Some of my colleagues have suggested I should not come back due to the challenging nature of my job. Does anyone have any experience of serco?


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    I can only speak from my experience and I had to see OH at work when I was struggling to do my job and the heavy lifting it involved and they were very nice towards me as they did not like the company either. I was asked to give them as much info on my condition as I could as she had forms to fill out so I gave them my prescription list and also copy of letters from my doc and rheumy stating my condition and the worsening and how my job was affecting me with the lifting and the joint pain. I found it was best to be honest and tell them everything as there was no point in struggling to do something that was hurting me more. I was signed off sick for long term and eventually got dismissed through capability as I could no longer do the job and no alternative. If you are leaving at xmas anyway I would just keep getting the doc to sign you off if the job is challenging and you feel you are not capable of doing it. The OT can advise you if they think you need to be signed off but at the end of the day you are best to judge how you can cope with the job and how you feel. The can also suggest you get an alternative light duties job if they think that will be more suitable and if one is available. The employers have also a duty under the DDA to make suitable changes to the job for you if it is possible. Hope this helps a little.
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    Thank you so much for replying.