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Ours went 'phutt' just before the roasting veg went in. It then came back to life, went 'phutt' again, then briefly back to life. Now we think it is permanently deceased. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh! DD


  • valval
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    my micro did that year before last not sure how would manage with out big one do hope it all got sorted val
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    Oh no , DD , bet the air was blue for a while ! Off to the sales tomorrow perhaps ? Hope you were able to sort out a replacement meal in time . Jillyb
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    Oh dear, DD! What a dreadful day for that to happen, especially with your maternal guests in tow. I hope you have some good neighbours who were eating earlier or later than you and prepared to loan you some oven space.
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    Well at least you didn't go ''phutt'' yourself DD, although I guess that you might have had smoke coming out of your ears- I know that I would have done. I hope that you managed to cook your Christmas dinner in between the phutts. x:lol:
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    Hi DD
    What a time for that to happen. so how did you get on with it all.
    take care.
    joan xx
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    oh no DD,what did you do??dragged the barbi out lol? :smile:
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    Poor you DD

    Hope all is well now as l know you have visitors.

    Hob type things?? Can they still be cooked??


    Toni xx