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Hello everyone.....not been on here for quite awhile .....just a quick hello to you all and hope your all well as u can be :smile: Its been a rough few months for me had many illnesses ...moving home AGAIN !!!!! many things going on...don't go online much because of painful swollen hands...on MTX ,prednisolne,gabepentin,tramadol.folic.thyroxin,and parecetamol !!!!!! just feeling like I'm grazing on pills all day...still in pain and think the meds are bloody useless!!!!! but hey ho life moves on :smile: Well glad to be back on line and see some of the familiar names soon Ailsa xx


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    Welcome back, Ailsa. Now, don't stand on ceremony. Get stuck in :lol:
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    welcome back great to see you again val
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    Hi Ailsa

    sounds like you have had a rough old time there girl :shock:

    Hope things ease for you soon - the hands especially so you can come in and chat to us lot :wink:


    Toni xx

    Toni xxx