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Hi i tore my anterior cruciate ligament in 1997 had a repair done in 1999 as a result over the years i now have o/a in my right knee xray shows that bone is touching bone which at times causes a lot of discomfort, i work as a postman on deliveries and at times i am in a lot of pain, i am on restricted duties but i do feel at times that the manager and other postmen and women think i am putting it on which i am not i rarely go sick with my problem and just try and get on with it.


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    Hello behhot and welcome to the forum.

    You will find us a friendly bunch - so just feel free to browse the forum and join in anywhere you wish. The Living with Arthritis (LWA) and Chit-Chat forums tends to be the most active, so posts there tend to receive more replies.

    Look forward to seeing you around.

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    Thanks Tilly

    I will scout around the site see you around
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    Hiya, c0121.gif
    yep tilly is right we are not a bad bunch of peeps :wink:

    Will see you about on LW and CC

    Nice meeting you.xx
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    Hi ben

    Lovely to meet you :)

    Talk about a hard job with arthritis!! :shock: Poor you.


    Toni xx

    Toni xxx
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    Hi Ben, welcome from me too..
    That's a hell of a job with bad knees..

    Hope you are alright tonight and not suffering too much.

    Hope to see you around and posting..
    Be well
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