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Hi helplines,
Admittedly it doesn't take much to confuse me these days :lol: but I've just come back from a trip to my gp's, he is lovely and very supportive which is great, but, he's given me a link to a website called Marks Daily Apple and wants to see if by changing my diet I can alter the effects of my PA.
He also said I should look into taking some supplements to help, my confusion is that I'm sure I've been told in the past that as I'm on Methotrexate (20ml) and eternacept I shouldn't take any supplements.
I know you're very busy, but could someone have a look into this eat yourself better concept, low carbs high fat diet. And what are your thoughts on the supplement quandary?
Many Thanks Helplines Xxx


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    Hi Poppyg1rl
    other than increasing omega3 fish oil into your diet to help lower inflammation, I don't know what to say about your GPs suggestion. Of course we are all different and anything is worth a try if the meds are not working but do be careful and perhaps ask other people experiences re diet on the living with arthritis forum, The website quoted does have some amazing stories, almost too good to be true, but I am going to get the site checked out by our info department.

    Best wishes

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    Poppy, I would run this by your rheumy first. Maybe even call the rheumy nurse helpline. I am really suprised your gp suggested this. I follow a low carb diet for my diabetes, and it does help to manage my weight better on the steroids.
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    Hi all,
    Well, I have decided to give the primal Marks daily apple diet a go, I'm going to run it by my Rheumy tomorrow. I've had another night from hell, despite being on 11 different medications all with the aim of slowing this disease down, preventing it getting worse and dulling the pain.
    I've nothing to lose, so, I promise to be sensible and will keep a daily log sheet of my diet so that the medics that treat me will be up to speed with what I'm doing. I should mention, I'm 5ft 1 and weigh 8stone, this diet has nothing to do with weight loss, it's primary function (allegedly) is lower inflammation in the blood.
    I'll give it 6 weeks and will report back with my results, I don't mind being a guinea pig :D
    Take care everyone X
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    so long as you are sencible there should be no harm and at least you will know you gave it a good try i have a pyramid of anti inflammatory foods that i do try to makke sure i have some of each day it might not help but will not harm so long as diet balanced good luck val(fellow poster)
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    Dear Poppygirl,

    As you're exploring the dietry side of arthritis you might be interested to know that the expert source of information on this subject is the rheumatologist Dr Gail Darlington. Her book 'Diet and Arthritis' is available in libraries and from online book sellers.

    I hope that is helpful

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    Poppy girl,

    Nurse B. always asks if I'm on any supplements and I get the impression she's not a great fan. I don't take anything because some can interfere with some meds but if you do decide to take anything let the team know so they are aware.


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