Happy 3rd birthday to my THR!

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Well it is 3 years since I got my shiny new THR! In those 3 years I have had good times and not so good times, but do not regret having it done.

I had a low day yesterday due to the pain I am still having following my recent fall. But today my Mum and step Dad took me out for lunch, and it was so lovely to get out! My 4 walls were getting really boring!!
I am still using the crutches but am going to try to use sticks tomorrow.
I am acheing from my journey so off to take some coco`s.
Hope everyone is feeling ok xx


  • Numptydumpty
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    Hippy Birthday!
    All the best
  • [Deleted User]
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    Happy birthday THR! May you last forever! :lol:
    Glad you're doing fine.
    Take care,
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY THR...and may you carry on carrying that lovely lady for many years to come....now say that quickly... :D how nice of your mum and step dad to take you out for the day....little things really do go along way.
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    Happy Birthday to your THR Nearly :D

    well l can remember most of those ups and downs it has not been all plain sailing has it?



    Toni xxx
  • nearlybionic
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    Thanks Numpty and Nesia

    Barbara, wow that is a tongue twister!! And it was a nice unexpected day out, just what the doctor `should` have ordered!!

    Toni, thanks for your reply x I hope the next 3 years are less eventful for all of us x

  • skezier
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    b030.gif nearly's hip!

    You know there have been some ups and downs Nearly but I am so pleased to see you say you don;t regret it.

    Sorry you're still having trouble after the fall and hope it will soon ease for you. My employers asked about the availability of a doggy bag from you meal :wink: Somethings never change eh>?

    Good to see you and glad you have a good day. ((( )) and a hope the fall jarring soon leaves you be. Cris xx

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