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Does anyone have any news about our lovely Wonkylegs? I know she got her new sticks, but I don't think we've heard anything for a while about how she's getting on, or if we have then I've missed it. :oops:

Wonky, if you're looking in I hope everything is as good as it can be, I really do. Mr DD and me are off to North Norfolk next week - if I remember rightly you went there, yes? We're heading for Blakeney! DD
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    I often wonder how Wonky and Iris are going on. Neither have been on the forum for a long time. I do remember that when I asked about Iris on the forum, Wonky said words to the effect of no news is good news, but unfortunately I do not think that is always the case. Mind you other lovely people are no longer visiting the forum, for other reasons other than anything to do with "arthur".

    I hope those lovely people who no longer call in are okay-ish and I wish them all the best - they are missed by me and others too.

    Elna x
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    yes i miss wonky and iris. i hope they are well and not too
    poorly to come on.
    take care.
    joan xx
    take care
    joan xx
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    Hi DD & Elna, and anyone else looking in.

    Thanks for starting the thread, tho I have been about the forum I haven't been able to post much for a number of reasons.

    At the moment I'm fairly wonky but still going .... albeit slowly :roll: :roll: The crutches have helped in some ways and hindered in others - mainly the wrists, hands and shoulders which are having to take more of the load. Hence not typing much lately. But the achilles problem is gradually being sorted by insoles and exercises, and the crutches.

    In addition I've been without Methotrexate since Christmas due to a huge and relentless mouth ulcer :roll: had a lot of side effects from the last infliximab infusion :roll: (this was in some part due to the lack of the MTX :roll: :roll: ) and have been feeling, to use Toni's favourite phrase, fairly 'shift' at times.

    Finally saw consultant at start of feb, after 15 months of pinging between registrars who all had their own ideas, and he's agreed that I needed help with the infliximab side effects (extremely dry mouth, eye problems and extreme fatigue) now that the fibro they diagnosed in October has been got under some sort of control.

    so ..... start back on MTX injections at half dose (10mg :shock: ) and have just started on hydroxychloroquine in addition to everything else! I rattle and the chemist staff and I are on first name terms by now :wink:

    I've also finally got a new laptop, which will be great .... once I've learned windows 7, found my emails, got and fixed up wireless internet, oh and installed and learned to use my new voice activated software :D so ........ might see more of me posting, but I can't vouch for the quality of the stuff I'll be 'typing' :lol::lol::lol::lol:

    thanks again and DD - enjoy Norfolk :wink:
    hugs to all
    wonky xxxx
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    Hi Wonks.. Good to see ya mi dear.
    Hope they get the meds etc sorted soon for you. No doubt you'll be a laptop whizz kid in no time :D
    Take care :wink:
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    Lovely to see you our Wonky :D

    it will be great when you have got your voice activated software up and running you will be able to post so much easier. Just got a new phone myself with it for texting...not sure how it will cope with my accent. :wink:

    Take care of those hands/wrists etc and l do hope the docs really are looking after you?

    Look after yourself wonky

    and Elna l miss some people a lot too :(


    Toni xxx
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    Hi Wonky
    Its good to see you back.......I have missed you and a lot of the others
    Not sure why they have all disappeared

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    Hi Wonky, nice to hear from you :D
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    Hi Wonky,

    Glad you have posted :D

    hey the vice activated will really help you know. I think about it and I would have to go for one that tells me what is written as well but they are out there and I do have a link to them but .... you know how it is.

    Glad the crutches help and also that the mtx has been returned to you. I so hope it will all help and you will have less pain, less tiredness and swelling.

    Love, slurps, a crescendo with side line of pocket riffling and some buckets of make Wonky better and good day drafts. Cris xxx

    Hi Elna,

    Iris is ok flower just (as I also know) the typing hurts the neck. She will post when she can but she is ok :D

    I agree with the lots are missing and hope at least they look in and know they are not forgotten. Cris xx
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    Just to let you know you were in my thoughts last weekend Wonky.

    Elizabeth x
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    Hi Wonkey
    nice to see you posting!....take care from Oneday x
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    Glad to see you posting again Wonky! I too have a new laptop with windows 7 and all the modern gadgets on it! you learn something new on it everyday!
    Sorry your suffering with your wrists due to the crutches. I know what you mean being on 1st name terms with your chemist! So am I!! He even delivers my meds to my home! :lol:
    look forward to seeing more posts from you now your ready to start again it feels like I haven't read something you've written in years!! Glad to see you back Wonky you've been missed! :)
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    Lovely to see you Wonky - and sorry things have been so difficult for you.

    Thinking of you - and hoping that the new computer and voice activated software works well for you.

    Love and ((()))s

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    Good to hear you are getting the Achilles pain sorted out Wonky. Hopefully as you learn to tolerate the insoles and start to benefit from th exercises you'll need the crutches less and that will relieve the strain on your neck, shoulders and hands.

    A new laptop - takes awhile to get familiar with a new operating system. I'm still and XP girl...


    Cris - thanks for update on Iris. I had searched to see how she was doing, and she hadn't posted for ages.
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    Hi Wonky glad to hear from you and glad your getting back on your feet
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    Cor! New toys for Wonky! I am sorry that the crutches are causing other trouble but glad that the insoles are helping. I am very much looking forward to going away, I am going to take the Clatterator for it's first holiday. Gawd knows how I'll get on with it with steps etc but needs must as walking is currently very difficult - at least I have my own seat now so crowded pubs are no longer a problem! As for the computer I am sure you will master it all very quickly. You take care, I hope the reintroduction of the meth goes smoothly and that you are soon on the up. Take care. DD
    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben