How long for DLA?

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Does anyone know how long it usually takes for them to make a decision on DLA. I sent my form off on 3rd February. I have had a letter back saying they have recieved it. I have just checked on line and it says 'in progress', whatever that means.
I am not really expecting to get it, as by what I have seen, very few people do nowadays.
I think I put down that I could walk too may yards without severe pain.
If I had what I call severe pain I would not be able to crawl, let alone walk!
I have pain constantly, but anything that is very painful is usually a shooting pain that is not there all the time. I get bad aching pains regularly and Sciatica which is very uncomfortable, but is that classed as severe?
Oh dear, I am confused by all this.


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    It won't be soon, I would have thought. Your application will be one of many and beaurocracy is never rapid. I would wait for another couple of weeks or so and then enquire (if you haven't heard anything) and see what they tell you. Did you keep a copy of your application? That is always worth doing for your information, I always copy my BB renewal forms, just in case. DD
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    Yes I printed out a copy + I can read it online when I log in to the Benefits site. I've just read it through again. I did make a good case, only telling it as it is though so I will have to wait and see.
    I should be able to ring up and start the wheels in motion for ESA next week, as my notice period from work runs out then.
    I am dreading having to go for an interview with them as I am very nervous in these sort of situations where I feel I have to prove myself. I nearly had a breakdown over my GCE exams and had to leave school without going on to further education (Drs orders). Hopefully with a few years under my belt now I will cope ok.
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    It will probably take 6 - 8 weeks to hear from them, then it will depend if they want their doctor to see you, don't worry though, if it is granted they will backdate and money to the date you first applied. If it's refused you must appeal their decision as in most cases it is granted on appeal.

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    Mine came back after 3 weeks! I thought it was a letter to say they were looking at it so opened it without the usual sick-in-stomach feeling and got the award! Knowing so quickly really helped as I wasn't so stressed.

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    I got a letter this morning. I, too thought it would say "Tough, we're not giving you anything" or words to that effect.

    They apologised for it taking a bit longer as they have asked for information from my GP and they want a copy of the letter from the OH Doctor.

    I think I will send them a copy of my latest spine Xray results too,
    and the one from 2008 when my knee and finger OA was diagnosed from Xrays.

    At least they haven't dismissed me straight away, that must be hopeful. :)

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