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Hi everyone

I went for blood tests on monday for ESR, FBC, Liver Function and RF. I called the surgery this morning and they told me that 3 of them were 'satisfactory' but that one of them hadn't been processed and that the doctor was writing me a letter.

What does that mean? Not processed? Did the hospital mess up the tests or does it mean that the info isn't on the receptionists screen and the GP is writing to me because it's not something they want the receptionist to tell me?

Grrr....patience is not something I am blessed with!

Can anyone shed light on this?




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    Not processed probably means that the lab hasn't done it yet or (more likely) the results have not been added to your records. Receptionists are not supposed to give any test result details, I have had letters from the GP before about test results that he wasn't happy about, but I was and the hospital too (he did not know that much about PsA or the meds I was taking). Don't fret, wait for the letter and if it says that another test has to be repeated then do so, or if he wants to see you then make an apppointment. Let us know the outcome, yes? DD
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    Hi Aly can l tell you not to will it's only natural :?

    My fingers are crossed that the letter arrives tomorrow (before the weeknd) and all is well.


    Toni xx
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    Hello, have you heard anything yet? DD
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    Hi, and thanks for asking. I have just this minute got off the phone with the GP surgery. I asked what the 'not processed' thingy meant, and she said that one of the blood tests needs the doctor to do some further tests...I asked which one and she said something like 'ST Serum'...I may have that wrong but it was a bad line.

    Looking at google (damn it) it could be FB as in full bloodcount.

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