My head wants to go my body says no

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When i was first diagnosed it was hard I had trained myself to plan prioritize and pace. I read up everything on subject. My life had not yet opened up to the opportunities i now have.
I have stabilized my condition feel loads better after depression i feel well meds have sorted it out. Still take tabs. I now am too enthusiastic there is too much to do my hobbies life out side home new friends have increased. I tell myself be careful but when i hear of something i want to do it. My old strict on self person is in conflict with the i want to do that, oh i want to try that person. I cannot physical or mentally keep up. I keep telling myself off. just thought i would get that off my chest. Joanne :?


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    ((())) can not help have same sort of probs and just do not know how to judge when enough is enough enjoy life girl it for living just be kind to your self val
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    Thank you val :D
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    Dear Joanne

    Having been on the forum for quite a while I have followed your ups and downs and I am most impressed with how you have coped and worked hard at getting yourself where you are now. I am full of admiration. You are doing great and have so much enthusiasm. It is a joy to read how far you have gone forward in your life. Your mind is a buzz with new ideas and things to do. I am so impressed by your attitude and your positiveness because unfortunately it has not always been like that for you. Perhaps you should start networking and ask some of your new friends to help you to achieve some of your goals. :wink: You would then have more time for your hobbies. :)

    Elna x
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    Although I haven't been on here as long as Elna I too know how long and hard you have battled and I can understand your frustrations. I have to say, however, that I was impressed by the gentle wisdom you showed in your post: you know that you are in a better place but you realise what may result if you try to do too much. Adapting, measuring and pacing our lives is not an easy skill but it is a necessary one. Don't be hard on yourself, my lovely, there is no need for that. You have achieved wonders - and still will, OK? DD
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    l rememberhow hard it has been for you and what a struggle and l am with Elna...

    I love reading the latest you've been up to and admire how well you are doing :D

    I agree do need to pace yourself so you can manage the things you most want to do :)


    Toni xxx
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    Me mind is a lot harder to pace. :) Thank you Tony, dream daisy Elna and other Tony.

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