Dreamdaisy is not a well girl

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Good morning everyone, I have just been talking to our lovely dreamdaisy and she is a very poorly girl.

DD thinks it could be a tummy bug but after nearly fainting yesterday in the bathroom and having to lie down with cold flannels on her face and feet over the bath she has rightfully called her gp today.
They are going to call her back shortly with advice on what to do, especially about the medication that dd is on.
The lovely mr dd has taken a day off work to look after her as she really is not well.

DD I hope you get the phone call shortly and that you start to feel better soon. Plenty of fluids and plenty of rest.

Take care my lovely

Love & ((((((((((())))))))))
Juliepf x


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    my dearest DD.. I really hope that you are alright.. :shock:
    You didn't faint because of touching the whisker too much? :? Now now folks, behave. She knows what I mean... :wink:
    Please take out easy, I really hope you're alright, you are a dear dear friend to many including likkle old me...
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    So sorry DD is not her usual self.We all miss her and send her our love.
    Please,please keep us updated Julie.
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    DD, I hope you feel better soon and the Doctor gets back to you quickly.

    Keep warm, drink plenty and rest.
  • mig
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    Get well soon DD,you have helped me thru some rough times,i am here for you,mr mig sends his love.(((())))xxxx Mig
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    Warm wishes for a speedy recovery to you DD I am really sorry to hear you're so poorly and hope you feel much better soon!!! xx
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    DD I sincerely hope you start to feel better very soon. With your positive outlook I'm sure it won't be too long.

    Sue x
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    Dear DD
    I really hope you feel better soon and that your GP is able to offer some advice/help.
    Take care and let MR DD look after you x
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    dd there are some awfull bugs going around my youngest had one and slept on settee all weekend (close to bathroom) so have fingers crossed do not get it .
    well girl what do we do about you pal it the last thing you need take care ((())) i know you do not like them but you need them( will phone when gp has done something about these ears can only hear half the stuff i used to ) rest up take care
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    Julie and DD

    Julie thanks for the PA duty.

    DD.....take it easy.....not your usual independant self....Let Mr DD look after you
    Let someone know what the doc says please
    I know you dont do them......tough :lol::lol::lol:
    Lots of gentle ((((((())))))))

    Love Hileena
  • jillyb1
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    So sorry to hear you're so poorly , thank goodness you have the lovely Mr DD to take care of you . Won't phone today as you're probably not up to too much fussing ; but will call in a day or two . Lots of love from 3 of us in Brighton . Jillyb
  • suzygirl
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    Yuck tummybugs are the worst, especially when on heavy duty meds. I hope you feel better soon DD, they are very lowering, so let Mr DD fuss over you.

    Rest up and (((hugs)))
  • stickywicket
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    My dear friend, you know I am brackets resistant but sometimes needs must. Rest up, be sensible (aaaargh) and I hope the doc can sort you out quickly. OK here goes. (((())))
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    Hi DD,

    Really sorry your not too well at the moment, look after yourself, we are all thinking about, and, get well soon.

    Lots of Love

    Moderating Team xxxx
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    DD you make sure you do as your told and rest up.
    Mr DD will be doing a grand job....glad he's with you.

    You haven't been too good of late.....one thing after another.
    Hope doc has got back to you by now.

    Thanks Julie for PA duties.
  • julie47
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    I have just heard from DD and the dr has now been intouch.
    DD has been doing all the right things, missing the meds, sipping water and coke and eating crisps (them there posh ones but can't remember the name, thats cuz I don't get posh ones :lol: ) keeping warm and resting.
    He suggests that she stays off all medication for a couple of days, except for the cocos, which may help to bulk her up.
    The doctor did say that their surgery has been full of patients with a tummy bug and thinks this is also the case of dd.

    DD did say that she is feeling a little better but still very drained.

    DD I am thinking of you and hope that tomorrow you will feel much better.

    Love and ((((((())))
    Juliepf x
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    Dear DD, I hope you're feeling better now. You've had such a hard time of it lately, you're probably run down and more susceptible to bugs at the moment. Surely things can only get better! Thinking of you and wishing you well.
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    Love and huge gentle hugs(((()))) Mig
  • hileena111
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    Thanks again Julie.

    DD hope you recover quickly and that being immuno suppressed doesnt affect you too much

    I heard from her before the doc came and she was feeling very weak
    Glad she was feeling a bit better when you heard from her Julie.

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    Hope you feel better soon DD.

    Thanks Julie for keeping us all posted.

  • barbara12
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    Hi DD and thankyou Julie
    DD I hope you feel better very soon, there are some awful bugs going round...one being this blinking winter vomiting one...
    you take care..
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    Hi DD

    i hope you are on the mend now. These viruses are bad enough for 'healthy' people to get over, never mind immumosuppressed people..

    Marion x
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    Hope things are better soon DD mi dear :D
    Rest, take things easy and no chinese food :shock: :lol:
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    Ya Booh :(

    l do do hope you feel better very very soon.

    Had fun with my stepdaughter all weekend....

    t9719.gifDon't drop your kindle down the loo

    Toni xxx
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    Thank you Julie for letting us know.

    Dear DD

    I am so sorry to hear that you are most unwell. Those kind of bugs are horrid and leave you feeling so drained and weak. I hope Mr. DD has come up trumps today and that you are hopefully feeling a tad better this evening.

    Let's hope it is a 24 hour bug.

    Chin up,

    Elna x
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    Hope things turn out ok and your feeling better soon