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I will shortly be trying to claim something from the Jobcentre, be it JSA or ESA.
I was reading through the questionaire that they use and didn't really understand the question:-

2. repeatedly mobilise 50 meters within a reasonable timescale because of significant discomfort or exhaustion

It doesn't say how often 'repeatedly' is! Is it 5 times, 10 times, 20 times, a full 8 hour day? They always seem to do this on these government questionaires, just give us half an idea of what they want.

One of the reasons I had to give up my job is because I couldn't do the constant floorwalking that was expected, so would I answer yes to this one? I can walk 50 metres or more, but not if I was expected to do it for a 2-4 hour shift.

Do the rest of you find these questionaires so difficult to fill in? I think they were designed by someone with no idea of what being disabled is about.


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    I am probably not going to be much help as I have never had to fill in a form like this but I do remember from what others say on here that when answering these questions always reply whilst thinking of the worst scenario that you experience.

    Elna x
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    I've filled out this questionnaire in the past....and you are right the questions are vague!

    my advice would be this :

    Every question you are asked has a purpose... either to compare the answers with the information you may have already provided elsewhere.. or to assess you against one of the 'factors' on the assessor's screen. Take your time and answer as fully as possible.

    Think carefully about how well you can manage each activity. You should not just think about whether you can do it once, but whether you could repeat it. If doing something causes you pain or leaves you exhausted, you should say so. Use the spaces below the questionnaire to explain this.

    Try not to guess distances and times. It can be surprising how much people over- or underestimate them. For example, if you can only sit for a short length of time, how far through a television programme can you sit before you have to move? The form gives you some suggestions to help you. If you are not sure how far you can walk, try asking a friend to pace it out for you. Use the spaces below the questionnaire to explain how you have measured your ability.

    Many people have 'good and bad days'. You should complete the form based on your bad days. You should then state that your condition is sometimes not as bad as this. If necessary, estimate on average how often you could perform the activity and how often you could not.

    Write any extra relevant and important information that you have not already mentioned, such as if you have had to give up work for medical reasons, in the space at the end of the form for additional information.

    hope that helps! and good luck with the process

    Iris xx

    ps...It is a good idea to keep a copy of your answers.
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    Hi pollysid
    Sorry I wont be much help, but I just want to add my support and wish you good luck with it, and please let us know how you get on.
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    I will have mine to re do this year sometime, I think they were planning to re-assess me after a year.

    I was totally and utterly honest - don't underplay things but also don't exaggerate. As previously said, if you can complete an activity but can do it once and it leaves you exhausted then say so - add extra information anywhere you think it is relevant (and often even if you don't!).

    The Dr I saw was lovely, much nicer than the DLA Dr. Good luck with it all.
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    Hi PollySid,

    Iris has given you some good advice there and she knows her stuff so I think you do as she suggests there.

    Like Elna I have never claimed ESA as I am self employed so can go at my own pace, just as well as i wouldn't employ me!

    I really think the dla questions were so repetitive, as iris said use the boxes to go over the same things over and over again. It is stupid but they have to keep being told why you can't.

    I really hope it will go ell for you and good luck. Cris x

    Fingers crossed for as well Sulky cat, I love that name and live with a few as well :wink: x
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    Hi PollySid.

    Im on ESA and have been for 2 years,i agree with you the questions are difficult to understand,and answer.

    I failed my first medical, getting only 6 points, and didnt feel i really new how to fill in the questionaire.

    The CAB are really helpful, i had advice from them for my appeal and i won and was awarded 21 pounts.

    Just before christmas i had another medical after filling in another questionaire.

    The nurse who did my medical said the info id put down was very good and helpful, this time i passed and got 30points.

    There is a site called 'benefits and work' that you can look at,it has lots of free advice and a forum that you could join for advice, for all the guides on there site there is a fee but i think its really useful.

    have a look and see what you think.

    Good Luck

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    I rang up the DWP and set the ball in motion today re ESA. Answered a lot of questions on the phone. She even asked if I was pregnant! I suppose it is possible nowadays at 60 :?
    I am now waiting for a questionaire to fill in.
    Thanks for the tips. I will give them lots of information as you have said.
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    Hi Polly

    There should be someone at your local council who will be able to help you fill in the forms. If not try CAB as they have legal advisers who will help you.

    Good Luck with it all,

    Take Care

    Pink x
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    Our local CAB have a really long waiting list so probably not worth trying them. My brother was having lots of financial problems so went to them. They saw him and took his details, that was 4 weeks ago and his next appointment isn't until middle of March. In the meantime his house has been repossessed and he has no income at all, (JSA is taking ages too)just relying on hand outs from me and my sister and the bills and nasty letters are piling up.
    Forgive me if I have no confidence in the CAB, I'm sure some of them are really good.
    I will try filling it in myself, it is only for a year until my state pension kicks in, so if they want me to work I will apply for jobs. I'm relatively sure that no employer would take me anyway, and if they do I will try my best to do the job in question.