RA in neck !! anyone else got it

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Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone else suffers with rheumatoid arthritis in the neck and how you cope with the pain and everyday life, i'm finding it hard to
cope with at the minute has anyone got any tips. I would be most grateful

Lynn x


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    Hello, it's nice to meet you though I am sorry you have had to find us. I think there are some neck people about (with what sort of arthritis I am not sure) but the forum is pretty quiet at the moment, probably due to the lovely weather! Please be patient with us and I hope someone can answer your specific query soon. I am fortunate in that my arthritises affect other areas although I do get a very 'crunchy' neck from time to time. :roll: I wish you well. DD
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    Hi Lynn
    I have OA in my neck, its only recently it has been painful, the one thing that helps me is a wheat cushion the you put in the microwave.
    And I exercise it everyday to keep it moving..that is a must
    Sorry I meant to say welcome to the forum...x
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    Hi Lynn , I have RA and one of the areas is my neck and shoulders . I too would suggest using wheat bags , and maybe a fair bit of muttering under your breath ! Jillyb
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    I also have OA in the neck rather than RA. RA is inflammatory though isn't it?
    If is you might want to use an ice pack rather than heat. for pain relief I find alternating heat with ice every 10 mins very helpful. I have Raynauds phenomenon too so I only use ice sparingly. I wear a scarf all year round this keeps my neck warm and keeps draughts off it. I have various pillows that I use to support my head when in bed too as I wake up in some funny shapes and some days (like monday) I'll wake up with my ear stuck to my shoulder due to spasms. Oh and probably the best advice I can give is don't head bang to loud rock music :lol: Good luck, hope you find something that works for you
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    Hi Lynn,
    I have RA and sometimes get a flare in my neck too. My rheumy nurse arranged for me to have a soft collar from the orthotics dept which helps a lot as it supports the neck. I feel a complete idiot in it and try just to wear it around the house, but when I have worn it for work got lots of sympathy, and mayber it helps others realise that though you look okay you live with pain a lot of the time. Matbe you could ask your rheumy nurse about help with it?
    Hope you get some relief soon.
    Deb x
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    thanks alot for your comments, i will invest in a wheat collar that you heat up in the microwave, i have thought about a neck collar and will try one and see if it does any good, i must admit people dont realise what pain you are in when you look well on the outside, but somedays i feel so down, but my grand daughter who is 2 years old makes me feel happy when she comes to see me.
    Tonight i have just taken my first dose of amytriptelene (soz about spelling ) ive had them for months but have been frightened to take them, but i can never get comfortable in bed so i have decided to try them. I have tried tramadol and they make me sick, and co codamol 30/500 upset my stomach so havent got much choice really.

    Just wondering regarding the rheumy nurse i have got the telephone number for one but what do they actually help you with ?
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    Just to say I have been on amys for 2 years now, make sure you take them early I take mine around 6. 30 ..7oclock..come 10 oclock they are working, at first you do feel slightly groggy the day after, but that only lasted around a week then I was fine...hope they help you.x
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    thanks barbara for getting back so quickly about the amys i will make sure that i take them at least 3 hrs before i go to bed. I feel okay at the minute anyway lol. I'm glad that i found this forum its nice to talk to people who know 1st hand what you are going through.

    Thanks again
    Lynn X

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