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This is scary, I've never posted on a forum before! I'm 32, have inflammatory arthritis, HLA B27 positive and have a long term relationship with methotrexate. I came off that a month or so ago as my husband and I want to try for a baby. Scary times, relying on steroids and withdrawing from the MTX which has kept me going for quite some time now.
I often feel quite lonely with the arthritis and I struggle with that bit of it (yep along with pain, fatigue and changes that happen before you can take it all on board). I love it when I win though - when I do something arthritis thinks I shouldn't/ can't do! Nothing major but getting a pair of heels on for that special night out or achieving a long walk make me feel like I'm on top of the world and help me through on those days when the stairs seem like Mount Everest. When the memories of such successes fail me then I resort to music, loud music because one good thing about music - when it hits you feel no pain!!

Hope everybody is having a comfy day x


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    Hello and welcome to the forum. LignumVitae, eh? Tough and durable. You'll do well with arthritis :D

    I agree, arthritis can be very isolating but you've come to the right place for support and info and also a bit of craziness, all of which help.

    I'm sorry, I don't know what HLA B27 positive means. (I kind of got my RA before initials became popular :) ) but I've been on meth a long time too.

    We have other members who are pregnant or had babies in the last few years, having to come off the meth to do so. If you post something on Living With Arthritis, you might find they turn up to have a natter. I'll hope to see you around.
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    Hello and thank you for a warm welcome! Support and craziness sound good. Why a piece of wood - well it's also a tree that is regarded by some as the tree of life, when you can do nothing more then you can at least keep growing. It's also tough and durable as Stickywicket was so quick to pick up on, I think we all have to try and be a bit like that when we face nasty joint problems that might not always be visible to others but generally can always be felt by you.

    HLA B27 - It's a gene that puts you in the other group of arthritis's that aren't RA - undifferentiated inflammatory arthritis is another term for it I think. I do find meth works wonders and leaving it has left me a bit worried so I will check out the other forums for people who have trodden this path successfully. Thank you for directing me to them. :)
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    Ah thanks for the info. I expect it'll be straight in one ear and out the other (A clear passage, you see :roll: ) but at least it might ring a distant bell next time I come across it.

    If you enter 'pregnancy and arthritis' in the search engine at the top of the page, quite a lot of stuff will come up including (I think) reference to 'stlucia' and her bog 'operation up the duff'.
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    Hi and welcome from me :D

    I wish you well in your quest for pregnancy, I believe some go into remission whilst pregnant, so there is hope!!!

    Take care

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