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:D Hello to everyone, I am so pleased to be able to say hello, I have had some problems getting registered in here for ,well it seems forever now lol. I am female, married, now 65 years old and untill I had this ( what my surgeon says )really bad knee was a really well and fit person having some outdoor persuits and work, Xzoo keeper and coarse fishing, and then Osteo struck and now I am in real trouble with it :cry: I now can not walk far and I am on the old Tramadol 4 times a day and of course the Diclofenac, among other rattlers lol. Still able to fish but my love as far as my hobby's go is Keeping, breeding my beloved Tarantulas. also afew Bugs. I have just purchased a Camel Spider or Solifugid very hard to rear and are not long lived but a challenge . I can have a new knee offerd by my surgeon on a regular basis but I am very worried about the aftermath if things go wrong, I would love to hear from any other ladies of my age that have had it done. Also had my Thyroid out a few years ago now, and I was told my immune system was really reduced and this is a concern with all the MRSA & Staff infections we hear about.
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    Hello, it's lovely to meet you and I am glad you have finally wormed your way in! I am not a great one for bugs and wildlife but I am a great one for arthritis, I have an auto-immune version, psoriatic and the damage that has caused has led to OA in my knees and ankles. I have been promised at least one new knee but I have to wait another two years or so until I am 55. I use crutches and recently aquired a four wheeled rollator which is a boon. The one thing I do know is that a new knee can make all the difference to the quality of one's life, if you are fit enough before it is done and conscientious about the exercises etc post-op (and prepared to convalesce properly) it can completely change your world. No pain and greatly enhanced mobility - what's not to like? :wink:

    I found your introduction interesting but very hard to read - the colour is pretty but not easy to see. Would you consider changing to a deeper shade? My eyes are OK-ish but I know that some on here (if they are looking in) won't be able to see your post. Right, I have to go to the pub with my husband - yippee! I'll be back later. DD
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    Hello Elvira and a warm welcome from me too. We're contemporaries as I'm 66.

    I'm sorry you're having so much trouble with your knee. Like DD, I have an auto-immune version which resulted in OA and I'm now the proud owner of two new knees and two new hips. Well, they're not that new. In fact one of the knees is 31 now. I had both done in '81 and one of them replaced again 2 years ago. It's a brilliant operation. I know my aged TKR will need replacing again before long and I won't hesitate.

    I've no thyroid problems but the meds for RA work by depressing your immune system. I was taking them before my last two ops (the knee revision and one hip) and it caused no problems. Most hospitals deal well with MRSA now. For my last op - the knee revision - I'd to swab my nose for a week(?) beforehand and after to guard against infection and was given some stuff to bath in and wash my hair the night before the op.

    There are quite a few others on here with prostheses, mostly with excellent results, and, if you post on Living With Arthritis forum, I'm sure they'll chip in.
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    Hi Elvira

    Welcome to the forum. I have had both knees totally replaced two years apart and it was one of the best things I have done! I am 61 years old now.

    I had a nodular goitre removed at age 16 years and have taken thyroxine ever since. Over the years the daily dosage has remained the same (once it was sorted out) until the last good few years when it has lessened quite a lot.

    I no longer need painkillers but I do continue with the anti inflams because those two little pills daily help me immensely with my other arthritic aches and pains and discomfort.

    Do please join us on the Living with Arthritis (LWA) zone as this zone is more of an introductory one and not so many look in here.

    Elna x
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    Hi Elvira,I had first tkr seven months ago,second seven weeks today.I am still recovering and seeing physio once a week,but i do exercises every day it is a must to help bend and straighten leg.It is a year now since i could walk normally,i basically had enough so went for ops.I also have inflammatory arth which is flaring at moment back of heels are agony which does not help.You will know when time feels right to go down replacement route.By the way i am fifty eight years old.I wish you well and hope you can get your knees sorted out.xx Ps I am also on thyroxine for under active thyroid.