Idiot boy...



  • barbara12
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    Hi Tony
    Sorry I have only just seen this...OMG you would make a brilliant.. Oh mi brains gone...those off roads cars that smash into one another....aww things have to improve very soon for you....xx
  • GraceB
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    Well, as we say in my family 'my flabber is well and truly gasted!'

    Cars can be fixed - that's what matters. I hope when you get it back that it's been valeted for you.

    Hey - didn't you try a bit of gaffa tape? Surely that and a bit of string could have got you home?

  • tjt6768
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    Lol... I had no gaffa tape :lol:

    Barbara, you mean stock car racers? There is actually a stock car place here in skeggy. I should have done a few laps eh? Lol

    I don't do things by halves me ya know :D
  • Colin1
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    Tony glad to see you back mate BUT !!!!!!! have you ever had any good luck .
    Hows your dad and the rest of the family doing hope your coping ok
  • tjt6768
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    hi Colin.
    Sorry, I've not kept up with how you are doing buy I think things haven't been great.. So, I really hope that you're alright.

    Things ain't been fun for the tjt family...
    As for the car, that was a mildly amusing but expensive digression..

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