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I'm wondering if anyone else has a commute into work, and how they handle it?

I currently commute on the Train into London from my home in Kent. I have a 15 min walk to the station and the same to my office, so approx. 1 hours walking per day. The train journey is approx. 1hr 20m, not including any delays.

The walking isn't to bad, the exercise is good for me. However the train journey is sometimes excruciating. I find the seats on the train very uncomfortable. Getting up to stretch/walk around is impossible because you'd lose your seat (the trains are often crowded).

Anyone else stuck with a painful commute?


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    Hi Andy,

    I was! I tend to home work now for most of the week and go into the office for a day or two but that only works if you have the kind of job that makes than an option, if it is, push for it, it makes a huge difference knocking the commute out a few times a week. I found arguing that reduced fatigue made me more effective and also it became quite clear it was better for me not to commute if possible when I kept getting norovirus which because of the DMARDs knocked me out for days, unpleasant but helped my cause!
    A few tiny things that helped a bit:
    My commute isnt as long as yours but I found that standing tended to be comfier than uncomfy train seats and gave me a chance to stretch, it looked odd to my fellow commuters but I didn't care, it made me much comfier for the whole day.
    Minimising the amount I carry (I insisted on being awkward and requested a smaller laptop but then my boss got jealous so got himself one).
    Taking a few minutes when you get in the office to just settle as well helps.
    A warm drink on the commute through winter helped reduce the worst of the chilly aches.
    Allowing yourself 20 minutes to do that 15 minute walk back to the station in the evening reduces the pressure a bit.

    I really do find that the commute is the hardest part of working quite often so I hope that you can find things that help!
    LV xx
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    For me standing is worse than sitting. I have to take a break during the washing up usually :lol:

    I can work from home, and sometimes do if I've had a rough night, or am in pain. But I get the impression my boss doesn't like it much. I work from home on days when I have to be at the hospital/doctors.

    I used to work from home for a couple of years, but 2 years ago they pulled the plug on full time home working and requested I attend the office. Hence why my commute is so long. I mentioned to both my GP and occupational health nurse that the train journey was slowly killing me, but all they suggested was getting a later train! :lol: Obviously the later trains come with arm chairs and a massage service!

    Moving closer isn't an option. In fact moving full stop isn't an option for us die to current finances.
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    London buses! No room to move around to relieve the pain and half the time spend most of the journey standing! looking forward to moving out of London and having a car.
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    Why not apply for access to work..they can provide taxi's to work and home again, depending on the case. I would of had to give up work without Access to Work..they come into your workplace and make suggestions on your work station and your employers will be more understanding when you have a third party involved

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