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My sister has just had a total knee replacement 30th Jan and is doing quite well physios are well pleased with her but she is suffering some tightness and stiffness in it and she is wondering how long that this will last and if it is normal so i am asking if anyone who hsa had a tkr can say if they have suffered this way.
Take care
Carol xx


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    Hello Carol
    I would put this in LWA..or start another thread there about your sisters knee op...make sure the heading mentions knee op then the TKR people will see it...and I wish your sister a good recovery x
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    Thank you barbara have put this in lwa forum as well as leaving it on this one.
    Take care
    Carol xx
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    It's very very early days yet, Carol. Even when the outside looks good there's still lots of healing to be done underneath. Just think what's been done - literally, slicing, sawing, hammering etc - she needs to concentrate on rest and exercises for some time yet.
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