Is this also bogus, received in my in box?

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Hi, I received the following message in my in box, with no link to follow? Is this a genuine news letter? :?:

Copied and pasted:

" FW:Free signup for arthitis management newsletter
13 Mar 2013 12:43". :?:

Sorry for inconvenience.



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    Unfortunately earlier today there was a spammer who managed to send PMs out to a number of members before we were able to ban them.

    Please ignore/delete any PM received from victornnysf as AC would only ever post for help with research etc via open messages on the forum - never via PM.

    If any other such PMs should appear please let the Moderating Team know by reporting the PM in the same way as you would report a forum post (via the red button).

    many thanks
    Moderator AN
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    Thank you for that tip, Mod AN. I had never noticed the red triangle icon on private messages before.

    Elna x
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    I had one of those
    How are they getting through
    I've just seen another one that's got through and they seem to be taking over
    They are really driving me nuts!
    They must think we are stupid but it also makes you suspicious of all brand new postings
    Rant over
  • elnafinn
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    Hi Maria

    There are two different types of spammers. Those that spam the forum zones and those that occasionally private message members and it is this this type of spammer that was being talked about in this particular thread.

    All spammers are most annoying. There appears to be a glut of them again, as there were some time ago.

    Elna x

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