Mouse help for arthritis in index finger

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I need to get a new mouse as clicking with a conventional mouse hurts my right index finger, but all the ergonomic mice I've seen online appear to still use the right finger to operate that button. Could you please advise on any alternatives? I have early OA in the index finger, and am keen to prevent it from getting worse. Thanks


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    Hi Louise,

    Thanks for contacting us. There is a great organisation that specialises in assistive technology. You can find out all about them here:

    Best wishes
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    Thank you for the responses, I'll check those out in detail
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    I've got an evoluent mouse. You can pre program the buttons, there are three on the right so you could program the index one as off, then the other two as left and right mouse buttons. It's great for me. Quite big, on its side so great for my wrist arthritis. Cost about £60 but worth it.