An eventful weekend

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Blimey..what a visit that turned out to be...I hope your arm will be ok...that is all you need after the op to repair it...I do hope your BIL and sister will be able to enjoy the cruise with no more dizzy spells..the rest will do them good....think maybe you will need an holiday now..x


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    That sounds awful :shock: mind you I am useless around drama & crises, so it would take a lot less than that to send me into panic mode.

    Hope they can get off on their trip without further incidents - I really don't know how people get the confidence to embark on travel & things with health problems of an unpredictable nature, I probably wouldn't go to the end of the road if it was me. Obviously I am appallingly weak & gutless. :lol: Glad you arm didn't suffer, hope you're taking it easy yourselves!
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    32nd cruise!!

    Mind you cruises are pretty gentle if you want them to be - it's not all rock climbing and surfing is it? :wink:

    I hope they have a great time and that your arm is ok unsure :?


    Toni xxx

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