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Oa spreading?

RowantreeRowantree Posts: 14
Can it really be oa? It started in my big toe. I had a bunion op 20 years ago. Had another one, same foot, in January. Surgeon debribed the joint too as I had oa in it. Surgery pain has gone but the oa pain is back!
Meanwhile, since last summer the pain in my wrists has got worse and worse. Rheumatologist says its oa too. And the occasional shooting pain I get in my ankle, which has recently developed into the familiar deep ache, is also oa(!) Really?? And I have plantar facilitis in both heels. Oh and, oa in the other big toe.
Can I really have oa in all these joints? Or is something else going on? (Rheumatologist has now referred me to an ortho surgeon for my wrists).
Thank you for any advice.


  • helpline_teamhelpline_team Posts: 2,016
    edited 30. Nov -1, 00:00
    Dear Rowantree,

    Thank you for your post to Helplines. I'm sorry for the delay in answering you, but we were hectic yesterday.

    This is a difficult situation you are describing. You seem to have been given this diagnosis of oa affecting many joints. It is understandable that it may be difficult to absorb this information. If you'd like some support you'd be welcome to ring us and discuss the situation. It can sometimes be really useful to be listened to while you tell the story.

    We can support you as you think things over. We can't get very technical as we are not medically qualified, but talking and listening can be very useful at times - so do try us if you'd like.

    If you need a listening ear of someone medically qualified then the GP or a physiotherapist may be good first stops.

    If we can help by sending any further information, just email us your details and we'll try to help in that way. For some more peer support and ideas, you might try posting on 'living with arthritis' too.

    I hope that helps.

  • RowantreeRowantree Posts: 14
    edited 30. Nov -1, 00:00
    Thank you for your support. GP is not particularly helpful. She said there were no other aim eds for me to try, as I have ibs I can't take most NSAIDs. The other medication I have tried has had no effect! I'm seeing an OT next week, but its a hand therapist so I'm guessing they won't be able to help with my ankle, toes and heels! I wish fr holistic care. I thought the rheumatologist would provide that but he was only interested in my thumbs, and then referred me to a hand surgeon for my wrists. I'm waiting for the podiatrist for insoles for plantar faciitis. So each bit (apart from my ankle and toes) is being looked at separately but it'd be nice to get an overview person.
  • helpline_teamhelpline_team Posts: 2,016
    edited 30. Nov -1, 00:00
    Hi Rowantree,

    What you are looking for is covered by self management groups, so they would be worth considering. Healthy eating and plenty of gentle exercise through the day as well as pacing yourself tend to be very helpful. Here's an interesting article on omega 3 too.

    It can be worth asking the medics if there are lifestyle changes that they would recommend you consider to slow down the progression of your arthritis. Some people's jobs are very physically demanding for example, or bodyweight may be a factor.

    I hope that gives you some ideas.

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