Facet joint injections - any advice welcome

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Hi everyone. I am currently awaiting a referral to the Pain Clinic for my OA back problems - I went 2 years ago and the consultant suggested trying a TENS machine, which I didn't find to be of much help. I suspect he is now going to suggest facet joint injections (he did broach the subject before).

Have any of you had these? If so, how did you get on with them, and did they help you at all? I am extremely nervous about having an injection in my spine (don't mind them anywhere else) and have read so many reports of them doing more harm than good. The last thing I want is to end up in a worse state than I am in now and be even more of a nuisance. However, it would be SO lovely to have the pain level reduced.

Should love to hear your opinions on them please. I intend to discuss everything very thoroughly with the consultant and will then decide whether to go ahead.

Hope you are all having a pleasant weekend, as much as pain will allow.



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    Hello Beryl
    I have had 2 lots of facet joint injections, they didn't work for me, but I was in with quite a few having the same...and they swore by them,one lady could hardly sit or stand when she came in and after she was a different person... maybe I was just unlucky because my hip injections didn't work either..but I had injections in my hand and they worked brilliant...I do think you should give them a go,or you will forever wonder...good Luck with what ever you decide..x
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    Hi Beryl

    I had injections via xray direction on 3 December 2009 - I remember the date well - as my sciatica which I had suffered with for a whole year, vanished and so far so good, to date, I am sciatica free. I just luuurve that Dr Evans. :)

    By all means ask lots of questions but if you do not try you will never know. Well worth giving it a try. I feel it is best to try all options offered and then if there is an op available, leave that as the last resort.

    Elna x
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    I have very little back trouble, Beryl, but, if you've a lot of pain there, why not give it a go. You'll never know unless you try. It might work wonders.
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    I'd personally give them a try, spinal/back injections don't hurt near as much as people think. For me I found injections in my knee hurt more than my back. I'm also not a fan of people sticking things in my back as I can't see what's going on, sounds silly I know but that's just the way I cope with needles as I hate them lol.
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    I think I would give it a go Beryl, what have you got to lose, hopefully it will work for you and give you some relief............tc...........Marie xx
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    My ex MIL swore by them too Beryl - like Elna the first time worked for AGES (not as long as Elna, but at least 6-12 months)

    We can come and be 'in your pocket' so to speak if it helps??


    Toni xx

    Toni xxx
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    Thanks for all your replies. Have taken note of all your advice. Will definitely need some pocket duties if I do decide to have them.

    Hope the sun is shining for all of you and you are all having as little pain as possible.

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    I had them under x-ray guidance last year. I think the x-ray guidance is pretty crucial. My surgeon reckons a lot of them are done "blind" and that is why they don't always work. Worked a treat for me but they don't last - I had spinal fusion on my affected level 13 weeks ago and feel fab now!
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    I've not had facet injections yet.....had root nerve injections in my spine.
    They are now talking about facet ones.
    I would give it a try
    The root nerve ones were done under X Ray guidance but I've got to admit they didn't help.....but they might have :wink: so it was worth a try.