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DLA appeal tribunal

Philippa1961Philippa1961 Posts: 38
I applied for DLA a few months ago but got turned down so have appealed against the decision. I've had a letter stating it will be about 37 - 41 weeks before the appeal and am sticking to my guns. However I am wondering if I will realistically get awarded it and whether I should just give in even though I am getting stuff in to help myself such as bath lift. That was a godsend as I was having problems getting in and out of the bath.


  • maria09maria09 Posts: 1,905
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    Hi Philippa
    Glad you can have a bath with ease
    I would say don't give in that's what they want you to do
    The reason for the long long time to tribunal is because so many of us are waiting for a tribunal date
    For support I would contact citizens advice I hear they are very supportive and some will even go to tribunal with you
    DWP are paying Atos 394 million pounds to deny us our benefits
    I only claimed for 27/9/12 till 12/3/13 until my ill health retirement pension started and they still want my money back
    Just because I got ill health retirement also assessed by Atos as unfit to do my job as a qualified nurse the Atos for DWP say I'm fit to work just coz I've got pain constantly I can still work!
    At min I'm waiting for foot surgery but they still think I'm fit to work! Crazy I know
    Keep fighting don't forget you can contact the help line on here for advice free
  • Philippa1961Philippa1961 Posts: 38
    edited 30. Nov -1, 00:00
    Than you for the advice. My husband knew I had joined here but I hadn't told him about this post / thread. I will let him know about your advice. The DWP really infuriate me over how they decide who is fit to work and who isn't. My husband has been getting benefits originally for depression but since then he has since been diagnosed with Diabetes Type 2, sleep apnea, arthritis and angina. The DWP have never questioned his ability to work or lack of ability. With me it's a different even though my doctor has sent proof that I have arthritis which is getting worse and severe depression. When I got the letter saying I have been refused the reason given was that I suffer with pain in the morning :roll: . Seems like they pick up on one comment like that as an excuse not to award DLA and disregard every thing else including hospital reports,
  • helpline_teamhelpline_team Posts: 1,964
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    Dear Philipa,

    Thank you for your enquiry to Helplines. When it comes to problems over benefits and appeals we signpost people to the specialist welfare rights organisations. Examples are: Turn2us http://www.turn2us.org.uk/ a local CAB, or http://www.dialuk.info/

    Often there can be stress and frustration with such matters. If you'd like some support - a chat about how you are feeling etc you'd be very welcome to ring us on our free phone.

    If you'd like some general information on self managing arthritis we are very much here for that too.

    I hope that is helpful.

  • TrayceTrayce Posts: 110
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    Do not give up
  • villiervillier Posts: 4,426
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    Phillipa, don't give up get as much information as you can letters from your GP consultants physio's etc, I had an assessment by ATOS last year and received nil points I appealed and sent them letters from gp and my neuro consultant who stated, in his mind I was not fit to work at any level. I have just received word that they have overturned ATOS's decision, I have been put into the WRAG group, with the advice from CAB I have appealed again they also have back paid me to last August when I first appealed, hang in there and don't let them away with it, keep us informed how you go..........Marie x
    Smile a while and while you smile
    smile another smile and soon there
    will be miles and miles of smiles
    just because you smiled I wish your
    day is full of Smiles
  • Philippa1961Philippa1961 Posts: 38
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    Thank you for the support and I am sorry for not updating here. I have suffered with severe depression for years and have been going through a stressful period over the past month. My husband has been in hospital due to an angina attack having been recently diagnosed and we have both been under the weather generally.

    The good news is I have a date for the appeal which is on the 30th August. I've had to get a grip on myself as I've had a few 'wobbly' moments and have wanted to chuck the towel in :D but hubby has been firm with me.

    We eventually got round to going to the CAB but due to cut backs they don't go to appeals anymore. All wasn't lost though as they gave us the number for welfare rights. A lady is coming out to see us on Monday which will hopefully be productive.

  • Philippa1961Philippa1961 Posts: 38
    edited 30. Nov -1, 00:00
    I am feeling very let down as nobody has seen me from welfare rights. I'm back to feeling what's the point in going to the appeal if nobody is willing to help me in regards to it :(
  • maria09maria09 Posts: 1,905
    edited 30. Nov -1, 00:00
    I'm sorry you feel let down have you rung them to ask why no one called on Monday?
    Have you spoken to the helpline number here to ask their advice?
    I get so mad with DWP and Atos picking on the ill and vulnerable they should be after the cheats and skivers of this country bleeding us dry!Rant over
    Don't let this get you down too much it will make your condition worse
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